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Moore Supporters See Through Shenanigans, Donate Beaucoup Dollars

Judge Roy Moore of Alabama represents the next wave of President Trump’s “America First” attitude, and that has Washington’s swamp dwellers in a tizzy.

President Trump, as unconventional as he certainly is, has initiated a kind of revolution in our nation.  His background, nearly devoid of politics, has made him the perfect candidate to saunter down into the Washington swamp and clean house.  While some of these denizens of the murky Deep State are fairly easy to spot, others, such as RINO shills Mitch McConnell and John McCain, have spent a great deal of time honing their camouflage to blend in with the rest of the populist population.

Roy Moore, a kindred spirit to the Washington outsider that Trump truly is, was poised to coast into a Senate seat for the great state of Alabama in the coming months before a wild and unverifiable accusation of sexual misconduct from thirty years ago surfaced last week.  Now, as more and more evidence points to a setup by Mitch McConnell and his team of self preservationists, Moore’s supporters are doubling down on their enthusiasm for their candidate with a massive spike in donations.

“CNN Political Reporter Rebecca Berg reported that Roy Moore’s campaign chairman told them the campaign’s fundraising has ‘skyrocketed’ since the allegations against Moore broke and a source close to the campaign says they’ve raised more money in the last six days than they’ve raised online since the runoff in September.

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“Berg said, ‘He’s been cut off by the NRSC and the Republican National Committee. But his campaign, its online grassroots fundraising, his Campaign Chairman Bill Armistead tells CNN has skyrocketed since these allegations since the national spotlight has shifted to their campaign. They have seen, according to a source close to the campaign, not Armistead, fundraising topping six figures on several days in a row. Armistead says that they have raised more in the last six days online than the total raised online since the runoff, September 26th. So, they are getting some gangbusters fundraising now.'”

Once again, we have a case of the American people showing the world that they are far more in tune with reality than the political sorcery being employed by the likes of McConnell and McCain.

Now, as Moore continues to deflect repeated Deep State demands for his resignation, it will likely be up to the people of Alabama to decide how this whole thing will play out.  Will Moore rise above the bizarre and conveniently timed nonsense?  Or will the people’s candidate be relegated to the world of the flimsily accused and politically assassinated?

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