Roy Moore

Moore Accuser Makes Shocking Admission That Ruins All Credibility

The Washington establishment is pulling out every trick in the book in a bid to ruin Roy Moore’s chances of reaching the Senate next week.

Moore, a long-time judge and conservative hero in Alabama, was seen by many in the Washington swamp as a kindred spirit to President Trump:  A populist with a massive distaste for D.C.’s crooked and corrupt ways.  With Moore possibly sliding into the Senate, many of Washington’s swamp dwellers were rightfully afraid for the future of their special interest gravy trains.

And that is precisely why a number of bizarre, 40 year old accusations against Moore began plastering the national newspapers, leading RINO ringleader Mitch McConnell to immediately call for the judge’s resignation from the race before any sort of investigation could take place.  Quite simply, the Deep State shills thought that these conveniently timed accusations would easily rid them of their problem.

Now, after one such accuser was forced to admit that the made up her accusations against Moore on national television, another, who was thought to be the crux of the entire disturbing scheme, has similarly found herself admitting to a bizarre and damaging lie about her relationship with the conservative judge.

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“Beverly Young Nelson has finally admitted that she forged a portion of the infamous high school yearbook that she and attorney Gloria Allred used as proof of her accusations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.

“And in yet another blow to the credibility of ABC News, the disgraced, left-wing network downplayed the bombshell by presenting this admission of forgery as adding ‘notes’ to the inscription. Worse still, the reporter actually coaches Nelson, puts words in her mouth, downplay the enormous significance of her deceit.

“’Nelson admits she did make notes to the inscription,’ ABC News tells us. ‘But the message was all Roy Moore.’

“’Beverly, he signed your yearbook,’ ABC News reporter Tom Llamas says.

“’He did sign it,’ she replies.

“’And you made some notes underneath.’

“’Yes,’ Nelson says.”

This earth shattering revelation was simply glossed over by Llamas, of course, given ABC’s inexcusable leftist bias.

There is little hope left to find fair coverage of Moore and his bevy of debunked accusers as the people of Alabama inch ever closer to this all important vote.  With pressure coming not only from the liberal left, but also from the Deep State “republicans”, Moore’s possible win on Tuesday could send a terrifying message to the status quo defenders in Washington D.C.:  The American people are coming for you.

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