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More Monument Madness as Church Punts Presidential Plaque

The plague of overwhelming and unwarranted political correctness in America has taken a massive toll on our nation’s glorious history.

Given the massive shifts in culture that the entire human civilization faces as we evolve, it is undeniable that cultural norms will change to reflect societal attitudes around the globe.  Where once we believed in bloodletting to cure demonic headaches, we now have Tylenol.  On a much larger scale are institutions such as slavery, which was a nearly worldwide phenomenon for centuries before the human race had a grand, compassionate, and much needed awakening.  Now, knowing what we do about history and some of the horrors that come along with it, we are at a crossroads in how to proceed.

Should slave owners, who were otherwise incredibly important and influential men, be vilified in whole?  Or should we as a civilization speak about their virtues and their sins?

The latter is a far more important avenue to take.  While it is certainly more difficult and a bit of a touchy subject, history has a way of repeating itself if not kept in check through unfettered access to information.  That is why erasing men like George Washington, a slave owner, from the record books is not only dangerous but foolish.

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Unfortunately, that fairly simple logic is being shunned by the radical left who simply wish to have accomplishments to post on social media, signaling their virtues to the world at large.

“Leaders of a historic Episcopal church in Alexandria have decided to remove a pair of plaques from its sanctuary that memorialize two of their most prominent parishioners: George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

“In a letter sent Thursday to members of the Christ Church congregation, church leaders explained that the decision came after much deliberation.

“’This was not a discussion we entered into lightly, but rather a sincere attempt to have a family conversation about our worship space, our larger history and our future,’ they wrote.

“The fate of the two plaques, which have hung on either side of the altar at the historic church since 1870, had been talked about for years, according to the Rev. Noelle York-Simmons, the church’s rector. But the matter took on added urgency following events in Charlottesville.”

Robert E. Lee has been a hotbed of discussion as well, with many radical leftist ignoring and censoring the fact that Lee was opposed to slavery as a whole in their attacks on American history.

Again, the removal of these plaques has very little to do with the sins of 150 to 240 years ago, but it is rather a publicity stunt for the liberal individuals who believe that the key to their happiness is in the recognition of their achievements by others.  Washington was absolutely instrumental in creating the country that allows us the freedom to debate such quandaries, and his removal from the history books is a disgrace.


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