Monsanto’s Dirty Tricks Exposed: Report Reveals Collusion in Glyphosate Cancer Study

The Big Agriculture industry has been slowly strangling the American farmer for decades, and now, their hopes of hiding one of their most deadly chemical agents have dried up faster than a cornfield in a Texas sandstorm.

Leading the charge in the corrupt world of Big Agriculture has been super villain Monsanto, a company synonymous with immoral business practices, dangerous precedents, and the rise of GMO politics.  The company has not only been bullying the men and women of America’s heartland with reverse-engineered contracts meant to bleed our farmers dry, but they may have been knowingly poisoning a great deal of Americans in the process.

According to newly released court documents, the company has been hiding one of their ugliest, dirtiest secrets for some time, and may have contributed willingly to the deaths of thousands of American agriculturists in the process.

“Court documents released on March 13th show that Monsanto colluded with the EPA to bury scientific evidence linking its glyphosate product (RoundUp) to cancer in humans (specifically, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma).

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“ has published the full text of the court document ‘Motion to Compel Deposition of Jess Rowland.’

“Also published on is this heartbreaking letter from a dying EPA scientist begging her colleagues to stop lying about the dangers of glyphosate.

“Continuing with the full disclosure of these court documents — originally acquired by U.S. Right to Know — has now published the full text of the ‘Third-Party Discovery and Pending Motions to Seal’ document.

“Some of the more interesting highlights from this document include these passages:

“Monsanto has trumpeted reports generated by the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) concluding that glyphosate is not hazardous… In this phase, which is limited to ‘general causation,’ the Court will decide only whether there is sufficient admissible evidence that glyphosate and/or Roundup is capable of causing cancer (specifically, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) in humans.”

Monsanto’s unwieldy power calls into question the very ethos of the Big Agriculture industry, and their commitment to American farmers.

Somehow, the enormous corporation has avoided anti-trust legal wrangling and culpability suits over the use of Roundup and the subsequent coverup of its cancerous potential.  Now that these facts have been released unto the public, perhaps the industrial farming leviathan will be, finally, fatally harpooned.


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