Monsanto Attempts to Silence Scientists Who Claim Roundup is Dangerous


The evil tenets of Big Agriculture have amassed on the front lines of a new war with reality, according to the activity of infamous corporation Monsanto.

Monsanto, the company responsible for the obsessively protested GMO’s, or genetically modified organisms, has previously come under fire for their unscrupulous business tactics and their unwillingness to consider the needs of the average American farmer.  To add to their evil portfolio, their pesticide-laced products are considered by many to the be primary impetus of colony collapse disorder, an issue that could decimate the world’s bee population.

Now, as cancer research is developing at exponential rates, one of Monsanto’s favorite chemicals has been repeatedly linked to the deadly disease.  Monsanto, with their billions of dollars and nearly unrivaled legislative influence, is fighting back and, as expected, they’re playing dirty.

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“The spearhead of the [anti-Monsanto battle], is the Campaign for Accuracy in Public Health Research (CAPHR). While CAPHR has such a nice sounding name to it, it was actually formed in February 2017 by the American Chemistry Council, an umbrella group representing the chemical industry whose membership includes Monsanto as well as other major, industrial chemical companies.

“The purpose of the CAPHR is essentially to combat and discredit the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) which is a unit of the World Health Organization. Back in March 2015, an IARC scientific team declared glyphosate to be a ‘probable human carcinogen.’ The declaration came after an extensive review of the research published on the subject.

“Ever since, Monsanto and other multi-national chemical giants have gone after the IARC. Monsanto and friends have made demands, engaged in its typical bullying and threats and has even attempted legal maneuvers to get its way.

“One of these methods included lobbying the U.S. House of Representatives to cut funding to the IARC. While one can scarcely argue with the need to reduce the United States’ unwieldy and disproportionate funding of the United Nations and related UN organizations, Monsanto is lobbying to destroy the IARC simply because the IARC represents a threat to a portion of its profits.”

In an utterly bizarre twist of fate, Monsanto’s greatest ally in this battle against science has be the EPA, who have turned a bit of a bling eye to glyphosate – the chemical in question.  Now, should Donald Trump’s budget eliminate the EPA’s ability to cover Monsanto’s derrière, how will the enormous and morally questionable corporation fight for their right to poison the planet?

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