Mom with Son in Chinese Jail shows How to Ask for Presidential Help

A mom whose son has been sitting in a Chinese prison for over a year now chastised UCLA dad LaVar Ball for refusing to thank President Trump for getting his son out of a similar situation.

Antoinette Brown explained that her son has been sitting, unjustly, in a Chinese prison cell for well over a year and that any help the President gave her, she would be profoundly grateful for.

Of her son, Brown explained, “He ended up going to China to help a friend coach the doctor’s football team and he was also teaching English to the teammates that didn’t know English. He had been there for a year. And he ended up going to a friend’s birthday party at a bar and he was attacked by a group of locals throwing bottles at him. And unfortunately, he was the only one arrested after the attack on his life,” she told Fox News.

Morning host Griff Jenkins then gave Ms. Brown the opportunity to say what she needed the President to hear. “Antoinette, let us give the floor to you here right now. What would you like to say to President Trump right now?”

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The distraught mother responded that unlike Lavar Ball she would be most grateful for the President’s help. “I would humbly ask for him to help my son that’s in an unfortunate situation, and I would be truly grateful. And most definitely would thank him with no problem.”

I happen to believe Ms. Brown when she says that her son has been unjustly imprisoned. Chinese culture is different from ours and in many ways is more xenophobic and an outsider can quickly find themselves in more trouble than they realize.

Even if her son, Wendell Brown, was guilty of some crime committed that evening, a year in prison is far more penalty than he deserved.

I hope and pray with his mother that the President and our State Department will intercede more strongly on his behalf in an effort to see him home as soon as possible.

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