The Modern Myth of Higher Education = Postmodern Excrement


American college students’s voices are being stifled. With that, freedom of speech is becoming a myth at America’s higher educational institutions.

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A focus on inclusivity and “social justice” promotes an exclusivity that stifles the freedom of expression for students, staff, and faculty who maintain beliefs that are not part of the mainstream.

Students are being subjugated to punishment for thinking, essentially.

No one should stand for that, liberal or conservative.

The First amendment to the Constitution was created to protect most forms of speech. Speech that provides for multiple opinions. Specifically:

“There shall be, “no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”

Recent violations of First Amendment rights on college campuses provide substantive evidence that no accountability, no respect for challenged ideas, and no respect to freedom of expression exists.

One notable overt violation of rights took place at Gettysburg College. According to my report in The College Fix, pro-life conservative college students of the college’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter were threatened for voicing concern about high abortion rates among black females.

“Posters that used the #BlackLivesMatter slogan to tout a pro-life message at Gettysburg College and stats highlighting the high abortion rate among black women has prompted a massive backlash at the private university, with students tearing down the posters and hosting an emotional demonstration lashing out at the conservative student group that hung them.”

What followed was an anger-fueled protest by fellow students and a censorship, of sorts, by the administration of Gettysburg College. The YAF members were asked to take down the posters and “encouraged” to change their messaging. Clearly, it didn’t help.

One of the members of YAF even said that, “we are shut down and silenced,” by the college. Consequently, the administration maintained that it allowed for a peer-to-peer debate of all ideas. The college refers to itself as a, “diverse and inclusive community while providing an environment where issues can be openly discussed and explored.”

Another notable instance occurred when conservative commentator Ben Shapiro had to be escorted by police through a crowd of protestors at California State University-LA (CSULA) — to give a speech that was cancelled earlier that week. The University’s administration granted him time to speak to a group of conservative students.

However, what is nonsensical is that CSULA censored Shapiro’s speech at all. And that CSULA students protested the university’s action to allow him to step foot on the campus.

CSULA, a public university, tried to prevent a citizen of California from voicing an opinion that contradicts the campus majority’s narrative of “equity for all.”

The detrimental take from this is that progressivism’s ideas of free speech are barbarous.

Higher education, more than ever, has succumbed to the false allure of equity for all. By censoring the slightest opinion from the lowly college freshman to cancelling a speech of a respected author to ensure the majority of students is happy, defeats the entire purpose of what college is all about– learning and valuing differing opinions.

College is about learning how to develop opinions, to discover who they are, who they want to be, what to contribute to society as an adult. But because of a growing bias and a full-on inquisition to trample “harmful” ideas (like conservative speech), college students are force fed the postmodern lumps of excrement progressives adore.

There is little to no challenge of opinion, no vindication of the nation’s founding documents, no emphasis on history, and, absolutely, no sanctity for the freedom of natural expression and mental expansion on college campuses, which is an absolute shame.

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