Are Moderate Muslims Annihilating Nigerian Christians?

We are constantly told that we cannot lump all Muslims into the same category. They are not all like ISIS. Many Muslims, we are told, have no interest in jihad or global conquest. We should, these Islamophiles explain, recognize Islam as a religion of peace.

With this idea, we have then two groups. On the one hand, we have the purely political “radicalized” branch who also happen to be Islamic. And one the other hand, we have the “Moderate” group. The latter of the two groups making up the majority of Islam worldwide.

But with recent calculations, we are finding that this just is not true.

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Breitbart reports

The comprehensive study reveals that decades of religious violence directed at the Christian community has had an even larger impact on the Church in Northern Nigeria than previously thought. The violence against Christians in the region has resulted in the deaths of “between 9,000 to 11,500 Christians,” which the report calls “a conservative estimation.” A large number of Christian properties and businesses have been destroyed, the document continues, “including 13,000 churches that have either been destroyed or closed down.”

These are startling numbers. This is not just that this is going on in one country, but one region of one country. Imagine that there was this much death and displacing destruction in California. What would be your reaction?

But that is not all. What is more important is not just what but who. We are learning what many have been saying for years. This is not the work of just one group.

Breitbart continues

One of the more frightening revelations from the report is the finding that the executioners are not just from the well-known Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, but comprise many other more “moderate” Muslims as well.



The sources of violence against Christians in Northern Nigeria are diverse, yet have one thing in common. They are “connected through a common religious denominator: defending northern Muslims’ interests, Muslim identity and the position of Islam,” the report states.

These numbers reveal a frightening fact about this so called religion of peace; it is not peaceful to those who resist conversion.

So much for tolerance.

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