Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell Makes Surprise Announcement on Border Wall!

From the very onset of this, the Trump Era, there has been one expectation of the American populace that has yet to make the adequate progress toward reality.

That, of course, is the “big, beautiful” wall on the southern border between the United States and the great nation of Mexico.  You see, it’s not about keeping our Mexican neighbors from visiting or integrating into America, it’s about keeping our more nefarious elements neighbors from crossing over into Texas, Arizona, and the like in order to exploit our American populace in their criminal quest.

Unfortunately, this wall has been stalled more times than a 16 year old on a hill in has dad’s old, manual transmission truck.

Today, however, those of us who have been awaiting good news on walls had our ears perk up and our interest piqued by none other than Mitch McConnell, the house majority leader who has often found himself at odds with our President.

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“I support what the president is trying to do on the wall,” Mitch McConnell told reporters Tuesday. “Most of my members do as well.”

“We’re going to continue to discuss it with him, and hope that this process can achieve what he would like to achieve on the wall,” McConnell continued, “and also get these appropriations bills signed into law, which is quite different than what’s happened in the past.”

Both McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan want to avoid the border wall issue as best as possible until after November’s midterm elections. Both of them met with President Donald Trump to that effect, and sources close to the matter claimed the president had been convinced to put off the debate until 2019.

McConnell may be acting defensively here, looking at a 2018 midterm fight that looms just over the horizon.  By aligning himself with the all-too popular Trump on this key issue, at this crucial juncture, Mitch and his RINO buddies may have just bought themselves 24 more months of employment.

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