Mitch McConnell Looks to Renew the American Economy With Hemp Bill

We will readily admit that Mitch McConnell hasn’t always had the best intentions when it comes to the well-being of the American populace.

It’s tough to say, but the majority leader in congress has long held a distinction among real conservatives as being something of a Deep State shill, and RINO-esque at times.  His early, constant head butting with President certainly wasn’t helping his cause either, as the American people clamored for less of the status quo in the nation’s capital and more draining of the proverbial swamp.

McConnell has been in politics for a fairly significant portion of his life, and has likely succumb to the pressures of the Washington establishment on more than one occasion.  When Trump arrived in the beltway, ready and willing to flip over the entire table and start over, McConnell was rightfully concerned about his role in the Capitol muck.

Things have seemed to turn around a bit, however, with McConnell and the President at least avoiding the idea of upsetting one another in recent weeks.  This has brought an air of relief to an already stressed government, where pressure is mounting both from the inside and out.

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Now, in a move that libertarians will likely applaud with grand vigor, Mitch McConnell has announced a new bill aimed at decriminalizing hemp in order to boost American agriculture.

The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 would legalize hemp, removing it from the federal list of controlled substances and allowing it to be sold as an agricultural commodity, according to WKYT.

“Hemp has played a foundational role in Kentucky’s agriculture heritage, and I believe that it can be an important part of our future,” McConnell said in a statement.

If approved, the act would allow states to control their own hemp regulations by removing federal restrictions. WKYT also reported it would give hemp researchers the ability to apply for grants through the Department of Agriculture.

McConnell announced the bill with Republican Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles. The bill is being co-sponsored by Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Rand Paul(R-Ky.)

Hemp, as an industrial and agricultural staple, was an enormous part of the American economy before the prohibition of the plant in 1937 due to a racially charged, politically motivated campaign against marijuana.

Should McConnell, Wyden, and Paul succeed in their quest, America could soon find itself into a new green gold rush, given the versatility of the ancient plant.  The question on everyone’s mind, however, is whether the bill will be a chink in the armor of outdated and detrimental Marijuana Prohibition Act of 1937 that has, for years, been considered an abhorrent and misguided foible of the American experience.

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