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Is Mitch McConnell Growing a Backbone?

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Mitch McConnell has been the punching bag for many conservatives. Mitch McConnell had no problem punching back either. Remember during McConnell’s primary battle with Matt Bevin? Mitch McConnell said he would “crush the Teaparty”

Mitch McConnell ran a scorched earth campaign against Matt Bevin in 2014. It was one of the nastiest campaigns in Kentucky’s history.  That’s all a distant memory now though.

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Recent history to many people’s memory would be Senator Ted Cruz calling out Mitch McConnell’s bald faced lie on the Senate floor.  We have seen over and over again McConnell betray conservatives during the Obama years and give Obama whatever he wants.

So what has changed? A lot has changed actually. Mitch McConnell and now Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin are on a very good working relationship. They both played a big part in unifying Kentucky behind Donald Trump in Kentucky. The relationship between Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell’s relationship lately hasn’t made any screeching headlines lately.

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Is Mitch McConnell going to fight or push Donald Trump’s agenda? I would personally say it’s way too early to tell.  It is worth noting however, there are a couple of good signs recently.

The first sign would have to be Mitch McConnell shutting down John McCain entertaining the idea of a select committee to investigate Russian interference into the election.  Anytime someone shuts down John McCain is a very good thing.  John McCain has always been out for himself. McCain has always sided with Democrats when it comes to getting attention and media air time.

This shutdown of McCain is actually a big deal.  John McCain usually gets whatever he wants from Mitch McConnell.  This time McConnell is going to side with Trump and do the right thing. There is no hard evidence of Russian involvement. This is just a Democrat witch hunt. McCain won’t be able to join that hunt now.

Mitch McConnell fighting Chuck Schumer to get General Mattis nominated is the biggest sign.

Mitch McConnell killing Schumer’s efforts to stop a Mattis nomination were pure genius.

Republicans are betting that Senate Democrats won’t shut the government down over a GOP effort to speed the confirmation of retired Gen. James Mattis as Donald Trump’s defense secretary.

GOP leaders slipped in a provision into a must-pass government funding bill Tuesday that would streamline confirmation of Mattis next year by fast-tracking legislation to grant him a waiver to serve in the Cabinet. Mattis needs a special exception passed by Congress to allow him to skirt a requirement that ex-military officials are out of service for seven years before they can become secretary of defense; Mattis left the military in 2013.

Here’s the real rub though. Establishment Republicans have always been a subservient lot when it comes to leadership.  They may not be good at standing up for Principle, but they are very good at falling in line. They are really really really good at falling in line. Mitch McConnell did whatever president George W Bush wanted him to do. If George W Bush wanted McConnell to fight he would.  If George W Bush wanted McConnell to cave to Democrats he would cave. As soon as Trump won the presidency it’s fall in line time. In many ways that can be a good thing and a bad thing. Unfortunately, McConnell did whatever Obama wanted him to do also.  The good news is Trump hates losing. Trump hates being beaten by anyone. He hates losing to Democrats. Trump is not going to take any crap from Schumer and he’s going to fight. By nature he’s a fighter. Trump is going to stand by what he believes in and push an agenda. Nobody is getting in his way.

So is Mitch McConnell growing a backbone.  Well let me ask you this.  Does it really matter?  Trump’s going to do what he wants to do with or without him.

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