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Mitch McConnell CHASED From Restaurant by Radical Leftists

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This “resistance” schtick is getting more and more dangerous as the days march ahead in America.  2018’s “big blue wave” is now looking more like a firehouse used for crowd control than it is a tsunami of tidal anti-Trumpism.

Somewhere along the way, the left decided that they weren’t simply going to oppose the President and his agenda, but actively work to escalate the venom of the political divide in America to the point of boiling.  Now, we are literally seeing shots fired, as well as numerous instances of horrific harassment, as prescribed by the mad scientist herself, Maxine Waters.

While many of the incidents that we are witnessing have despicably been aimed at the women of the Trump Administration, truly no one has been spared by the left’s indignant and undignified response to losing an election.  Mitch McConnell has already been harassed once over the issue of enforcing our nation’s border laws, in an incident in which his wife, Elaine Chao, went viral for her takedown of the uncouth youths.

Now, it’s time for round 2, apparently.

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Left-wing activists and regular citizens have made a point to confront Trump’s allies in their private lives recently, with protests hitting the president’s former EPA chief, his press secretary, and his head of Homeland Security (twice). And despite calls for “civility,” the activist left isn’t letting up—showing up at a Kentucky restaurant where Mitch McConnell was eating Saturday to publicly shame him for his stance on the current border crisis.

According to the Washington Post, about a half dozen protesters showed up to the Bristol Bar & Grille in Louisville, Kentucky, after a woman spotted him there and put out a call for backup on Twitter. When McConnell walked out of the restaurant with two other men, the crowd let him have it, chanting “vote you out!” and “where are the children?” while they followed him to his car.

The crowd—which reportedly included a few members of Louisville’s Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapter—broke into an “abolish ICE” chant while McConnell climbed into his car, and shouted “where are the babies?” at him before he drove away. One protester yelled “turtle head!” at the Senate Majority Leader a few times (a weirdly accurate comparison), along with jeers of “we know where you live, Mitch.” According to the DSA, whoever was behind that “turtle head” burn wasn’t affiliated with the organization.

Even their insults are telegraphed!  John Stewart used the Mitch McConnell turtle comparison for years on The Daily Show.

So, not only is the radical left an extraordinarily dated and annoying ripple in the river of recent events, but they’ve also not evolved past parroting what the talking faces on their screens tell them.  Much like a toddler.

Buckle up, kids.  We’re in for a bumpy ride.




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