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Mississippi Capitol Cop Canned After Confronting Confederate Flag Group

There are few societal malfeasances as frustrating and erroneous as northern academia’s rewriting of the history of the American Civil War.

In order to vilify the rebellion and demonize the entirety of the Confederacy as a whole, the post-war south was insinuated to have provoked the entire bloody affair based solely on their love of slavery – a vile institution that, while unfortunately occurring in the south, was not by any means the cause of war.

The truth of the matter is that those looking toward the future of our great nation, well into the Manifest Destiny of the time, were concerned about the federal government enacting rights-reducing legislation in these soon-to-be-formed western states.  Slavery just so happened to be the era’s most prominent example of “States’ Rights”, and, as such, was used to disparage the southerners are crude racists.

After the physical battling of the war ended, the victors of the north continued to fight their fellow southern Americans through the use of revisionist history, pushing the phony slavery narrative well into the 21st century through grade school education.

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Now, as a growing number of Americans are recognizing the anti-history stance of the radical left, a new battle is brewing over how best to commemorate these fallen Americans.  The left believes that we should erase Civil War history from our town squares and cemeteries, while conservatives continue to remind us that we are doomed to repeat the history we allow to fade from memory.

In the middle are modern Americans, whose minds have been warped by centuries of miseducation and political vitriol.

Such is the case in Mississippi today, after a Capitol Police officer has been fired after involving himself in an altercation with a Confederate heritage activist group called The Delta Flaggers.  The group was on site to protest of the omission of the Mississippi State flag from the Capitol flagpole, on account of the flag’s current inclusion of the Confederate “Stars and Bars” within its design.

“The Delta Flaggers, according to their Facebook page, is a ‘dedicated group of citizens from the Mississippi Delta area with the goal of preserving the 1894 flag of Mississippi and defending Southern Heritage.’

“’The Mississippi Flag regardless of what the voters decide it is should be flown at all institutions that [receive] state funding,’ the group’s description reads.”

And this is where 170+ years of miseducation rears its ugly head.

“According to the Clarion Ledger, the unnamed officer approached the group of Delta Flaggers outside the state’s new civil rights museum on Saturday.”

Facebook user Chris Blount provided a detailed description of the events:

“‘This is not the first altercation with this officer. This is how it started.’

“‘One of our members walked over there to ask [the officer] about taking a group picture with the Civil Rights sign the cop told him hell no and to take his Howdy Doody counterfeit a** back across the street. He told the cop that we had no bad intentions and that we just wanted to take a group picture with the new Museum and he said hell no again you’re not going to do it, get back across the road.’

“‘That’s when this guy with a state flag went over there to take a picture, and I started recording.’

“‘He was the only one with an attitude like that. The rest of the people (even his boss seen in another video) we had no problems with.’

“‘In the video where he says something about the grass. That is the first time he said anything about the grass … and he even steps in it in the video!’

“‘1:09 The cop throws up black power.. (someone just pointed it out to me I didn’t see it while taking the video)’

“‘The guy that walked over there to start with to ask the cop could he take a picture with the sign has over 13k pictures in his phone, thats what he does, he has pictures from around the south with everything from big watermelons to the Oscar Meyer wiener [sic] truck. it would of [sic] been just another picture in his collection.'”

After all this, the Capitol police officer was relieved of his position within the force.

This incident will once again be likely to stir the debate over the continued existence of Confederate monuments and likenesses scattered throughout our great nation.


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