Minorities for Trump Show that America Is Not Getting More Liberal

Liberals claim there are declining numbers of white voters, but minorities for Trump show that it is liberalism that is declining.

I spent time on election day watching minorities for Trump on Twitter to be encouraged. Now that he won the election, I have confirmation that minorities for Trump make a significant impact toward Republican gains.

Here is a great summary in video:

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From the print version, at therebel.media:

Trump won 58 per cent of the white vote, to Clinton’s 37 per cent. Sounds huge, but actually, pretty normal these days. And look again — it’s only 1 per cent higher than what Romney got.

In other words, it wasn’t enough to win.

Let me say that again:

Donald Trump’s support amongst white Americans only went up by one per cent, and if that were the only boost he got, he would have lost the election.

Donald Trump won because he had big gains with minorities.

Starting with black voters, he was up to 8 per cent from Romney’s one per cent. Of course, the Democrats still dominate black voters, but that shift is a major breakthrough.

The media told us Trump was a vicious anti-Latino bigot. Really? 29 per cent of Latinos didn’t think so. Maybe Hispanics who legally immigrated to America and became American citizens the proper way don’t like illegals sneaking over, including, as Trump accurately said, criminals.

Look at the youngest voters — 18 to 29. The Millennials. Sure, they voted more for Clinton than for Trump. But Trump’s numbers are 5 per cent higher than Romney got. 

Look at the poorest Americans of all — people earning less than $30,000 a year. That’s unemployed, that’s barely employed, that’s part time jobs, that’s people having a really tough go of things.

And of all the numbers I’ve shown you so far, it’s the one with the biggest shift.

Sure, the Democrats still won the poorest of the poor, 53 per cent to 41 per cent. But while Mitt Romney got only got 25 per cent of these people. Trump got 41 per cent. That’s almost half.

Poor people and minorities gave this election to Trump.

This isn’t just about the 2016 election.

For years and years, Democrats (the media, academia) have been claiming that the Republican Party is in trouble because of a declining white population.

But the truth is that Democrats are in trouble, as evidenced by their continual decline since the 2010 elections. Their peak was in 2006 and 2008.

The more numerous “minorities” become, the less likely they will be to monolithically adhere to an imposed ideology. Just like whites are ideologically diverse, so are other races and women.

Hispanics and blacks are going to become lovers of liberty.

Meanwhile, as whites cease to remain a majority, what will happen to the racial grievance industry? If there is no white oppressor to blame for all the problems of minorities, what will happen to Democrat campaigning?

It will continue to decline and lead to failure. Donald Trump has shown us that Democrats don’t own the future.

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