Migrant Rapes a Belgium Worker– after Receiving Sensitivity Training

For over a year we have heard about the great suffering of the Muslim migrants.  These poor women and children are simply seeking safety.  But, as time has passed, we are finding that this people are not what they are billed to be.

We have learned that by and large, the migrants are men.  They are men that have no respect for women or Western cultural norms.  Over the last several months, we have seen a spike in rapes and murder in Europe.  And there are direct links to the influx of Islamic immigrants.  And there is no sign that this trend is going to tail off any time soon.

Breitbart reports

A 16 year old Afghan male claiming asylum in Belgium has been stripped of his asylum seeker status by the government after he raped an employee at a Red Cross shelter in Menen, West Flanders.


Although the identity or age of the victim has not been revealed by Belgian police, she has been described as “young service staff” of a catering firm contracted to provide food to the migrants at the Menen Red Cross shelter. Flemish Television (VTM) reports the rape took place in the cellar of the centre for young migrants on Wednesday 10th of Feburary, where the woman had gone to fetch supplies.

Once again we see that the migrants have no respect for even the women working to help them.  They claim to want asylum but continue to repay kindness with violence.  And it seems that European countries are doing little to stop these attacks.

Breitbart continued

The attack came very shortly after the young man had received training on how to treat women with respect, in line with Western cultural norms. The programme of lessons for migrants, given in a bid to reduce the number of rapes visited upon native hosts by recent migrants, was first instituted in Belgium after the migrant sex attacks in Germany on New Year’s Eve, reports Belgium’s De Standaard.

Though the young man will be tried as a juvenile and receive a lighter and more comfortable sentence, there is a silver lining.  According to Breitbart, the young man will be sent back to his country of origin.

But is this not the solution to the larger problem?

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