Migrant Caravan Readily Admits Real Reason for U.S. Border Crossing

In one of the most defiant international maneuvers in recent years, a caravan of Honduran migrants have moseyed across the entirety of Mexico, and are now standing at the U.S. border, waiting for their government handouts.

Sure, that’s sounds a bit over the top, but you have to trust us here; the entire caravan was a political stunt that received financial backing from a politically-motivated group of professional smugglers who have received their share of criticism from our Commander in Chief.

The president was referring to a group of nearly 1,200 Central American migrants currently marching through Mexico toward the southern border of the United States as part of an annual Holy Week event. The caravan is part humanitarian effort, part publicity stunt, and is led by an organization called Pueblo Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders. The collective provides physical and monetary assistance to migrants and refugees seeking asylum.

The caravan contingent works to keep gangs who seek to exploit vulnerable migrants at bay, and also to overwhelm any border security of police seeking action. For the most part, Buzzfeed reported, Mexican immigration officers have been unbothered by the marchers and have not sought action.

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Now that this mass of illegal immigrants has reached our border, and begun their push for political asylum within the United States, a number of reporters are interacting with the mostly Honduran crowd, hoping to discover compelled them to seek out a life in the U.S.

Their answers may surprise you.

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver asked the migrants why they wanted to enter America and the answer was almost universally the same.

A representative of the Latina Muslim Foundation acknowledged that the “salary is higher” in America and that migrants would then send the money home to their families in other countries.

Asked why the migrants didn’t want to “stay living in Mexico and instead go to America,” the woman responded, “Because they make more money living in (the) U.S.”

The migrants admitted that they didn’t feel scared or unsafe to remain in Mexico, with one admitting that he was “looking for a better life.”

The caravan itself has long been considered a stunt being perpetrated for the point of lambasting President Trump, who has promised Americans on several occasions that securing our nation’s border would be one of his top priorities during his first term.

This openly defiant action will certainly draw even more criticism from the President, who has not been shy in tweeting his opinion of the caravan in the past.

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