Migrant Caravan Heading Toward USA Has “List Of Demands”?!

A showdown is looming in the southern United States between American border patrol officials and an enormous herd of illegal immigrants who are hurtling toward Texas from the heart of Mexico.

Immigration has been one of the hot button issues of the Trump presidency, having first been determined a national security issue during the long and arduous election process of 2016.  (If we have to hear about Russian election “hacking” one more time…we’re going to just snap).

Then-candidate Trump was the only politician involved in the election who was willing to buck the cancerous grip of political correctness and tell the nation just what is happening at the border.  While his worries about rapists, drug dealers, and murderers were certainly founded, (due to the overwhelming reality of the situation), the left simply wasn’t going to hear it, deciding instead to rely on their knee-jerk, “triggered” anger at the insinuation.  This delusional anger has impeded progress on Trump’s proposed border wall, and has infected the malleable “social justice” clique forming on the left side of American politics, making progress nearly impossible.

Now, with 1,500 Hondurans about to be banging on the door, there will be no hiding from the effects of illegal immigration in the coming days.

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“The authorities want us to leave their cities,” said Rodrigo Abeja, an organizer from Pueblo Sin Fronteras. “They’ve been helping us, in part to speed the massive group out of their jurisdictions.”

At some point this spring, the caravan’s 2,000-mile (3,200-km) journey that began at Tapachula near the Guatemalan border on March 25 will end at the U.S. border, where some of its members will apply for asylum, while others will attempt to sneak into the United States.

These migrants will be upon us in no time, with a broken immigration system waiting to greet them.  And, to top it all off, the nearly 2,000-strong group of mostly Hondurans now have demands.

Pueblo sin Fronteras, the political outreach group who organized the caravan, released a press statement for the United States, Mexico, and their respective Central American governments.

“We demand of the Mexico and the United States: that they respect our rights as refugees and our right to dignified work to be able to support our families,” the statements reads.

The second demand is “that they open the borders to us because we are as much citizens as the people of the countries where we are and/or travel.”

The absurdity of these “demands”, especially that doozy of a second one, belies a globalist slant that has long been radiating from deep within the liberal political spectrum.  The “no borders” crowd has been attempting to pigeonhole first-world nations into the role of refugee receptacles in recent years, scraping away at the sovereignty of nations both in Europe and right here in North America.

The question still remains:  What will happen when this 1,700-2,000 person strong army of illegals actually reaches the United States?  There numbers will surely be bolstered by piggybacking Mexican immigrants as well, possibly ballooning the horde to astronomical numbers.  Will the United States be willing and able to confront these migrants at the risk of drawing the ire of the radical left?  Or will liberal “activists” find themselves on the ground and in the fracas itself?


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