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Midterms No Place for Disgraced Sex Predator Prez, Say Democrats

The 2018 midterms elections will likely be one of the most bizarre and entertaining elections in modern history, all thanks to the wild societal climate of America in these last few months.

Obviously, the 2016 presidential election that saw the complete dismantling of the democratic party will be forever remembered as an incredible display of unorthodox American patriotism, as the politically-inexperienced Donald Trump was wholeheartedly and resoundingly chosen to lead our great nation into the future over career criminal Hillary Clinton.  Results notwithstanding, the tumultuous trip from primaries to POTUS was fraught with controversy for The Donald, and the nation was treated to one heck of a spectacle during the ordeal.

Now, however, as the “resistance” continues to push forward into absurdity, and the democrats refuse to recognize the severity of their plight, the 2018 midterms are shaping up to be worthy of paying attention to.

Just hours ago, it became apparent that anti-Trump RINO Mitt Romney would be throwing his hat in the ring of Senate hopefuls this year, upping the already astronomical shill factor in the D.C. swamp.

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One man, however, is far too deplorable for any time on the campaign trail, even for his fellow democrats.  That “man” is former President and accused rapist Bill Clinton, who the left has seemed too “toxic” for the democratic party this go-round.

“Democrats are looking to embrace the #MeToo moment and rally women to push back on President Donald Trump in the midterms—and they don’t want Bill Clinton anywhere near it.

“In a year when the party is deploying all their other big guns and trying to appeal to precisely the kind of voters Clinton has consistently won over, an array of Democrats told POLITICO they’re keeping him on the bench. They don’t want to be seen anywhere near a man with a history of harassment allegations, as guilty as their party loyalty to him makes them feel about it.

“’I think it’s pretty tough,’ said Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), vice chair of the House Progressive Caucus and one of the leading voices in Congress demanding changes in Washington’s approach to sexual harassment. His presence ‘just brings up a lot of issues that will be very tough for Democrats. And I think we all have to be clear about what the #MeToo movement was.’

“After booting Sen. Al Franken precisely because they wanted to draw a clear contrast with Trump, Democrats across the party’s ideological and geographical spectrum acknowledged the political trouble that any appearance with Clinton would cause.”

And these democrats are correct:  Bill Clinton has become a serious concern for the legacy of the democratic party, and for wife Hillary Clinton as well.

The sheer contrast between Hillary’s “I’m With Her” message and Bill’s lengthy history of sexual assault is a disturbing reality that the democrats have not done well in facing.  Now, with 2018 looming, they’ll need to look elsewhere for other, less lewd liberals to trot out into the spotlight.

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