See How Students At This Middle School Are Responding to Obama’s Transgender Order [VIDEO]

The Obama administration’s recent transgender directive ordered public schools to accommodate transgender students by allowing them to use the restroom and/or locker room in accordance with their respective “gender identities.” An Oregon middle school responded by holding protests on campus instead of going to class.

In response to Obama’s transgender directive, students at Hedrick Middle School – as well as some of the students’ parents – stood outside the school along the public road and held signs that invited drivers to honk if they disagreed with the directive.

One student Grace Milligan voiced her concern that boys would use the Obama administration’s guidelines to their benefit, “kind of just being perverts, rather than actually using it because they were uncomfortable” using the facilities consistent with their gender at birth.

A parent who demonstrated alongside other students and their parents said one of her daughters came home in tears following Obama’s transgender directive. She said her daughter didn’t feel safe and was afraid of the possibility of boys going into the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms.

A counter-protest occurred when one transgender woman – a biological man who dressed and “identified” as a woman – approached the crowd and argued with them. He said that these people don’t understand anything about the transgender community, and how transgender people are so “disturbed” by their “personal parts” that they would “never even think about looking at them.” He – “Cadilina DeVille” – said:

“Every day someone tries to hurt us or kill us. It’s such a simple thing. I’ve lived my life as a woman for years. You’re taking away our rights… I cannot have the same thing that a man does…I knew when I was in sixth grade when I had to go into P.E. and go into the locker room, that I no longer felt comfortable. When I had to play shirts against skins in basketball, I ended up flunking P.E. because of it.”

The Medford School District spokesman Natalie Hurd didn’t see any reason for concern and seemed to think the protesters were blowing things a little out of proportion. Even so, she did indicate that they would be reviewing the guidelines released by the Obama administration and comparing them to their current school policies. “We’re not going to rush this process,” she said.

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