#MicrosoftRubioFraud Goes Viral

Anonymous image boards like (8ch.net) and some news outlets are reporting discrepancies and potential voter fraud or mischief that render the Iowa Caucus outcome as, at best, inaccurate.

A Twitter campaign #MicrosoftRubioFraud began after what appeared to be a skewed voter outcome– which did not reflect, even closely, the combined results of all of the polls conducted on February 1st:


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Skeptics claim that Microsoft Corp. providing the technology to count the Iowa caucus votes, was not a coincidence.

Microsoft is one of, if not the largest, financial donor to GOP presidential candidate Senator [score]Marco Rubio [/score]. Microsoft is also one of the biggest financial backers for increasing foreign nationals to enter America to replace American workers to cut costs.

Rubio advocates the same policies as his political donor, even arguing that foreign workers are better because “American college graduates can’t do the work.”

#MicrosoftRubioFraud tweets point to Microsoft altering votes to tally a totally false outcome. USA Today also reported that Microsoft was having “technical difficulties.” In some areas the voting app failed.

microsoft rubio twitter

However, others point to the Emerson College poll also released on February 1st, which put GOP candidates Donald Trump at 27 percent, Senators [score]Ted Cruz[/score] at 26 percent and Marco Rubio at 22 percent.

emerson poll

Still, Democratic presidential nominee Senator [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] also reported that caucus results from 90 precincts are missing.

The Twitter campaign points to what I’ve already reported: Rubio and Microsoft are determined to bring in unlimited H1B visa holders (who are not vetted) to replace American workers. His policies are costing Americans their livelihood.

His policies are also increasing national security threats. 

Rubio’s immigration plan includes amnesty, unlimited green cards, and F-1 student visas. The majority of these foreign nationals come from Islamic countries. 


The question for all voters is, why is Rubio still a candidate when he is not qualified to be president according to the U.S. Constitution?

Is there any merit to this Twitter campaign?

Were votes misrepresented, erased, falsified?

Will there be another vote?

Is this a Twitter hoax or a warning of high tech fraud?

It’s too soon to tell as the story continues to unfold.



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