Michigan Sells Out Citizens To Appease Water Thieves at Nestlé

When it comes to government ineptitude in America, there are plenty of situations that we could cite as the most egregious abuses of power, but none are quite as heartbreaking as the situation in Flint, Michigan.

In Flint, a locale that is besieged by poverty, unemployment, and homelessness, the local government has entirely failed the people.  While many of us on the libertarian side of things will admit that this is always inevitable, given the complete incompetence we see at the height of government, what has happened in Flint is undeniably inexcusable.  The town’s water has been infected with lead for years due to government inaction and a lack of oversight, and now just last month, legislators have decided to discontinue a municipal program to provide the people of Flint with clean bottled water.

After Michigan’s governor announced the state will stop providing free bottled water to residents of Flint — afflicted four years ago by lead-tainted drinking water — churches and charities said Monday they’re bracing for a surge in people seeking help.

“Normally we give out whatever a family wants,” said Bill Quarles, a deacon of the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church. “But now we may have to limit that until more supplies come in.”

The church has been handing out bottled water for the past three years, and typically sees about 100 to 200 cars a week. With fewer resources for residents, First Trinity isn’t sure what to expect when the cars come through beginning Tuesday.
Much-needed donations from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Baltimore, Maryland, aren’t expected at the church until the weekend — and contributions have already been dwindling as water crisis no longer grabs daily headlines.
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Now, as if that weren’t bad enough, Michigan lawmakers are now bowing down to their corporate overlords, and will allow Nestlé to extract an exorbitant amount of water from the states aquifers in order to sell it back to American citizens.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) granted Nestlé Waters North America, Inc. (Nestlé) a permit to increase its groundwater withdrawal for the purpose of bottling drinking water, according to a MDEQ statement on April 2.

Nestlé is authorized to begin withdrawing water at a rate up to 400 gallons per minute from the White Pine Springs well located near Evart, Michigan. Withdrawal may begin once the monitoring plan is in place and the baseline data is collected.

The MDEQ determined that the application met the requirements for approval under the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act.

However, more than 80,000 people have said they oppose the proposal, while only 75 people said they are in favor of it.

And people wonder why Americans are so often at odds with their government?

This unacceptable, money-grabbing scheme is just one example of the massive and maleficent corruption that we see within the halls of American governance, and should be a wake up call to all of us.  The Deep State, the “Establishment”, whatever you wish to call it, is after our money with no regard for our health.  The only reprieve that the people of Michigan may have is when they finally pass on and are no longer forced to prop up these government goons.

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