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Michigan School Accidentally Bans Stars and Stripes Clothing

For a moment, it seemed as though political correctness had claimed yet another victim in its war against America, this time at a Michigan high school.

Americans today face an unprecedented and complicated world of malleable and fluid offensiveness, with seemingly inauspicious actions and symbols being considered almost criminal in their application.  The politically correct vernacular transforms itself at the drop of a hat, particularly in the ever-increasing cluster of pronouns that we are inundated with in the LGBTQ community.

In short:  It is extremely difficult to navigate our modern world without ruffling some feathers due the manufactured anger of the left.

This New Fascist schtick has been used throughout the nation to bring the older generations to heel, as millennials attempt to use the confusion inherent within the politically correct scene to render their forebears inept.  Now, one high school near Detroit has been forced to backtrack after an “accidental” reference to the American flag made it onto the school dress code’s “banned” list.

“Parents are raging after a Detroit area school district sent a packet to parents that lists the U.S. flag among items banned by the school dress code.

“‘A student’s dress should not interfere with the learning environment,’ Roseville Community School officials wrote. ‘The following are prohibited:’

“The items include the typical slippers and sagging pants, spaghetti straps and bare midriff tops, but between ‘Hats or head gear’ and ‘Low cut shirts,’ the letter lists ‘U.S. Flag.’

“Parents and others raged on Facebook Thursday.

“’The superintendent should be fired,’ Daniel Zarzycki wrote. ‘He had to read the publication before it was sent out.’

“’This is the United States of America. How dare you ban our flag. Let’s ban you,’ Jamie Michelle wrote.

“It didn’t take long for school officials to clarify the ‘error.’

“’An informational packet was mailed out this week with an error,’ according to a statement on the Roseville Community Schools website. ‘We apologize for the incorrect statement that was in reference to the US Flag. The statement that was published should have specified that the flag should not be worn in a demeaning manner.'”

While many likely aren’t buying the school’s explanation for the inclusion of the U.S. flag on the list, the prompt response from Roseville Community was a nice surprise.

The war against the American flag has been raging on the left for some time, with a number of college campuses involved in longstanding kerfuffles over its display.  With President Trump in the Oval Office, this liberal, anti-flag anger is likely nothing more than misplaced hatred of the Commander in Chief designed to accompany the lunatic left’s “resistance” programming.

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