Michigan Runs Amok: Fines Man For Warming Up Car in HIS OWN DRIVEWAY

There are a few locales in the United States that immediately usher in intense shivering when their names are mentioned in conjunction with the word winter.

Buffalo, New York comes to mind, as the freak-snowfall capital of the world.  Then, of course, there are the norther corners of the Maine wilderness, the Rocky Mountain peaks of the west, and Michigan, whose winters seem to last 6 to 9 months.

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It is in Michigan where our next story originates, and it will leave you steaming mad even on the coldest of days.

“A man who fought a $128 ticket for leaving his car running was on the losing end of a court case earlier this week and may appeal the ruling.

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“Taylor Trupiano, 24, who lives in this suburb about 20 miles north of Detroit, was warming up his car in his driveway Jan. 5 when he ran inside to get his girlfriend and her 2-year-old son. That 10 minutes or so was enough time for a Roseville officer to issue him a citation because he was in violation of a state law intended to hamper car theft.

“Trupiano’s vehicle was left ‘wide open’ near the bottom of his driveway about 2 feet from the sidewalk, City Attorney Tim Tomlinson said.

“Less than two weeks later, two vehicles were stolen, both from people who started their vehicles and left them unattended. One lead to a high-speed chase and another occurred when a car was taken with two children inside, the city attorney said.

“‘There is an important public safety goal this is trying to achieve by having these regulations on the books,’ Tomlinson said.

“Trupiano said he fought the ticket because he thinks people should be able to warm up their own cars in their own driveways. He considers the citation another way for municipalities to raise money.”

Trupiano’s original gripe with the city is well-founded.  A government micro-managing of Americans’ routines, on their own property no less, is completely unacceptable and not indicative of a free society.  While the risks of leaving a car unattended and running are certainly palpable, there is absolutely no reason for any government entity to determine the amount of risk someone should be taking with their personal property, on their personal property.

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