Apartment Complex Management BANS the American Flag!

We often think that certain things will just be allowed. We would never think that there would be an objection to the playing of the national anthem, the saying to the Pledge of Allegiance, or the display of the American Flag. But here you would be wrong.

Breitbart reports

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A Michigan woman is facing threats of fines from her townhome complex for hanging an American flag on her door.

Doris Fladzinkski hung the flag on her door at Kearsley Creek Townhomes and received a notice that she would be fined $25 per day for every day the flag remained up until she took it down.

Now this seems a little out of place. When you hang up the American flag, you would think that there would not be a problem. Especially when we consider that the door is your property. But, this is not just about the flag, or patriotism, it is about preventing others from offending.

Breitbart continues

Managers of the townhome complex told WNEM that restrictions are in the lease and that allowing one type of flag on one door would open a figurative door to potentially offensive displays.

So, this is something that Ms. Doris knew about or at least she should have known. She signed the lease, and it was in the lease. The problem is she probably failed to read her lease before signing.

There is the issue of why there is a no flags allowed policy. If she is allowed to hang the American flag, then someone else will demand the right to hang the flag of their choice. And their choice might be a Nazi flag.

This is preventive policy measures. If they ban all flags, then there is little chance that they will have to fight the Nazi in court over his flag. This way, there is no possibility of facing discrimination charges.

But, this still does not make the policy right; it makes our society wrong.

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