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Michelle Obama Just Dissed Melania in The Foulest of Ways

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For some strange reason, the liberal left of our great nation seems to think that Donald Trump isn’t the legitimate President.

This is a disturbing farce on the face of these United States, in which the youth of our nation, in particular, are wholly opposed to the idea that they weren’t gifted a Hillary Clinton presidency back in 2016.  Their desire to fully delegitimize Trump and his entire administration has manifested itself in a number of worrisome ways, not the least of has been outright violence.

Thanks to groups such as Antifa, and celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Kathy Griffin, the idea that Trump and those working with him should suffer some horrific fate has permeated our culture.  There is no stopping these hellions has they march forward into the abyss of political dissidence for the sake of dissidence.  Don’t be fooled:  These putrid progressives aren’t looking to realign the President’s priorities, nor are they looking to politically compromise.  All they desire is the complete decimation of the Trump ethos.

In their campaigns to delegitimize the President, they have tried a number of different tactics, all of which have been reprehensible to witness.  Now, we can add Michelle Obama to the list of offenders with her latest claim that Melania Trump isn’t “America’s Forever First Lady“.

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“If I can be standing here as your forever First Lady,” Obama said to a raucous response from the crowd, “then you can do anything you put your mind to.

Listen, I have no problem with someone encouraging young people to try and make a better life for themselves, but to do it while constantly giving yourself props takes away from the moment.

I wonder if she’s still “proud of her country” today, or is she only proud because of her own manufactured status?

Wait, what?

One would normally shrug off such a statement as a grandiose inner vision that has bubbled to the surface of Obama’s obsolescence.  But, given the wholesale affront of the left’s anti-Trump machine against the White House itself, we cannot simply stand aside and allow this comment to slither into the ether.

Michelle Obama just insinuated that either Trump is an illegitimate President, Melania is unfit for her duties, or that the American electoral system has failed the American people…none of which are true in under even the most absurd of circumstances.

If we continue to let these seemingly small quips and disses go unnoticed, they will spoil the societal stew that we’ve been simmering for these last 240 years in this nation.  We must stay vigilant in the American kitchen.


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