Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Insults American Women Everywhere in Latest Speech

Although the Obamas are technically no longer politicians, that hasn’t stopped the former First Family from attempting to coerce the country.

In fact, the former President and First Lady have been hard at work promoting the so-called “resistance” to President Trump in the 9 months since they left the White House.  Not only did the Obamas move into a posh D.C. neighborhood to remain inappropriately close to the political action.  (In all fairness, Obama may have been counting on a Hillary Clinton electoral victory at the time, and a potential new role on Capitol Hill).

In the time since Donald Trump was inaugurated as President, Barack Obama also quietly installed a dozen-man team of politicos to monitor and “keep tabs” on the Trump administration; an extremely unorthodox and unnerving development to say the least.

Now, in a disturbing turn of events, Michelle Obama has stuck her nose back into the political fray this week by tactlessly insulting a vast majority of the nation’s women.

“Speaking at an ‘Inbound’ marketing conference in Boston Wednesday, former First Lady Michelle Obama inserted many political points in her remarks, as she spoke out against the current Trump administration, and slammed women who did not vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“’Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice,’ Mrs. Obama said during a question and answer session.

“Speaking of President Trump, Mrs. Obama said, ‘He is our Commander in Chief – he was voted in. Haha..,’ adding, ‘You know, we may not like it.’

“’When you’ve been in that position, you’ll see that most “formers” do take a step back. They do let the current holder of the office lead. You do step up when you’re asked, and you do try to make sure what you say is constructive,’ she said.”

One fact that Michelle Obama may be forgetting is that Donald Trump secured an enormous majority of the female vote in the 2016 election, defying the shallow strategy of the Hillary Clinton campaign to play the “woman card”.

Furthermore, the divisiveness of the democrats in the wake of their harrowing defeat has been classless and crude at best, and discriminatory at worst.  Emboldened by this sort of uncouth rhetoric, groups such as Antifa have emerged, employing violence and neo-Fascism in order to promote their liberal lunacy.

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