Michele Bachmann says Susan Rice’s Crimes are “Worse than Watergate”

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Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is still the darling of the Tea Party movement and when she speaks she commands attention, so her most recent public comments should probably be taken quite seriously.

In an interview with USA Radio’s Rusty Humphries on Monday Bachmann said what was on many minds after hearing the news that Obama’s right-hand aide, Susan Rice, had been the official who unmasked the Trump team’s private communications.

“This is a big deal because Susan Rice is a part of Barack Obama’s ‘Chicago mafia’… the most unprecedented, blockbuster move is that President Obama’s administration was in fact surveilling Donald Trump and people on his campaign for a year before his election. A year!

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This is a thousand times worse than Watergate! This is the only thing the press should be talking about for the next month…

This is against the law. What the Obama administration did is surveil private Americans citizens for political purposes to hurt the Trump campaign politically…

This is hugely important. This is a massive abuse of power by the Obama administration…

Bachmann also added that she believed that the ultimate purpose of the Democrats slanderous accusations of “collusion” with Russia was more about distracting everyone away from these revelations than it was about actually catching the Trump administration in wrongdoing. Further, Bachmann says that no one should be surprised if more than one high ranking member of the Obama administration ends up in federal prison for their immoral actions against Trump and his campaign.

“This is how bold, and how lawless the Obama administration was…

I think most Americans haven’t even heard of this story yet, but this makes Watergate pale. Remember we had a president of the United States resign over Watergate.”

Listen to “Bachmann: Susan Rice Unveiling “1000 Times Worse Than Watergate”” on Spreaker.


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