Michael Flynn

The Michael Flynn “Scandal” is a Nothingburger

Conservative pundit Bill Kristol was a guest on Newsmax with Steve Malzberg where Kristol explained that it’s simply foolish for liberals to pretend that there is anything scandalous about President Trump’s connection to Michael Flynn.

The current liberal conspiracy theory has the Obama administration “warning” the incoming Trump administration about the possibility that Flynn could become a liability. This theory was strengthened when Justice Department official Sally Yates said that she told the Trump team that Flynn could be blackmailed by the Russians. The same Sally Yates who weeks later disobeyed a direct order from the Commander-in-Chief because she argued that the order was unconstitutional… even though she had no problem when president Obama issued a strikingly similar order (on refugee migration) a few years earlier.

As Bill Kristol explains, despite Sally Yates’ best efforts at undermining the Trump administration there is simply nothing to the Flynn “scandal” story. NOTHING.

Bill Kristol: There is no evidence, no one is saying that President Obama warned [President-elect Trump] that Flynn had illegitimate contact with the Russians or whatever. That would be interesting if true, but there is no evidence of that. So, a general warning against Flynn, that doesn’t count for much.

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Steve Malzberg: So what do you think about the timing? What are they trying to accomplish by leaking it out, with the media of course?

Bill Kristol: Yeah, I think what they are trying to do is elevate Yates’ testimony… I think Flynn was a foolish appointment. I give Trump credit for seeing that. Maybe we just got lucky that he was forced to see it… This is the problem with the liberals. There are plenty of legitimate things that they can criticize, in my opinion, about Donald Trump or about Republican policies but they are so much in their own bubble that they think that the fact that President Obama might have said something to President Trump two days after the election about a man who had been so critical about President Obama, that Trump should have taken that advice is just childish.

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