Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn Eviscerates Senate “Fishing Expedition”, Defies Subpoena

The entire farcical Senate investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to the Russian government is nonsense, according to Michael Flynn, and he doesn’t care who hears him say it.

In a move that will have many in Washington wondering how Flynn can stand up so straight under the weight of his own testicular fortitude, the former National Security advisor to Donald Trump has flatly refused to provide subpoenaed documents to the Senate, claiming that their order to do so was unwieldy and morally worrisome.  In Flynn’s own words, the Senate’s subpoena was so wildly vague and sweeping that it could very easily be likened to a “fishing expedition”.

“General Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security advisor, on Monday forcefully refused to turn over subpoenaed documents demanded by the Senate  Intelligence committee, blasting it for its “sweeping” subpoena for documents.

“A source close to Flynn told The Daily Caller News Foundation its Russia investigation request appeared to be a ‘fishing expedition.’

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“Flynn’s lawyer, Robert K. Kelner, charged the committee displayed ‘foregone conclusions’ that the decorated three-star general was guilty as part of an ‘escalating public frenzy.’

“’The broad sweep and lack of specificity of these demands clearly reflect that the Committee does not have specific knowledge regarding the existence of any particular responsive documents,’ charged Robert K. Kelner, Gen. Flynn’s lawyer, in a May 22 letter to Senate Select Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina and ranking Democrat Mark Warner of Virginia.

“Kelner charged the committee already had drawn ‘forgone conclusions’ and that the senators do not appear impartial.”

The “escalating public frenzy” that Kelner mentions is certainly in direct response to the sensationalist leftist media who have propped up the cockamamy theories with words being taken verbatim from biased sources such as Trump’s presidential foe Hillary Clinton, one of the Washington elitists widely known as an instigator of the Russian conspiracy theory.

While the President continues his unprecedented foray into middle eastern politics with visits to Israel and Saudi Arabia, Washington is still mulling over exactly how best to defuse the insane liberal lunacy of these allegations.  With nothing more than the presumption of guilt, the American political left has taken a magnifying glass to every interaction that the President has had with any foreign dignitary in an effort to bolster their extremely weak and disposable case against him.

In the mean time, President Trump has continued his work for the American people, shrugging off the ridiculous rhetoric of America’s annoying crybaby class.

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