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Did Michael Brown Conduct Drug Deal Hours Before Antagonizing Police?


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The case of Michael Brown’s officer-involved shooting was the spark that turned casual liberal racists into militant liberal racists.

Brown’s interaction with police on that fateful day was more than slightly responsible for emboldening folks within the Black Lives Matter movement, who would go on to wage a full on war with police, culminating in the cold-blooded murder of 5 officers in Dallas, Texas.  Many have claimed that Brown accosted and robbed a store clerk before interacting with police, but newly discovered video of Brown paints a much different picture of the events leading to Brown’s death.

“A newly released video that was allegedly recorded hours before Michael Brown was killed shows that he exchanged a small bag for a box of cigarillos with store clerks in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Director Jason Pollock told CNN on Monday that the video proves ‘that Brown did not rob the store before being stopped by police and that surveillance footage purporting to show Brown engaged in a robbery at the Ferguson Market and Liquor stores was actually video of Brown returning to the store to retrieve the cigarillos the clerks gave him.’

“Pollock’s film, ‘Stranger Fruit,’ which includes the never-before-seen footage, debuted at a film festival in Austin, Texas, over the weekend.

“The mainstream media has jumped on the speculation that Brown may not have committed a robbery after all, but are ignoring the evidence that now points toward the possibility Brown may have been involved in a drug deal with the store clerk.

“Pollock has told reporters that he believes ‘the footage shows Brown trading a small amount of marijuana for a bag of cigarillos around 1 a.m. on Aug. 9, 2014.’ It is unknown if the bag contained marijuana, but a co-owner of the Ferguson Market has denied the filmmaker’s allegations, according to a report in Heavy.”

Of course, the left has largely ignored the possibility of Brown being involved in a drug deal prior to his death because that would demonstrate that Brown was in no way the angel that they are portraying him as.

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