Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti Hilariously Embarrassed by Chuck Grassley’s Office

In the bizarre circus surrounding the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court, no character has appeared more slimy than Michael Avenatti.

The entire optical outlook on Avenatti is bad;  He’s a smooth talking lawyer who has never trotted out anything but salacious and unnerving clients with checkered pasts, yet still managed to find himself on television just about every single night.  He has all the grace and stature of a used car salesman, with none of the charm.

He looks sleazy.  He acts sleazy.  He wallows in sleazy dealings.  I’m not going to call him names, but there’s a reason Tucker Carlson has.

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Now, in an effort to extend his 15 minutes of fame beyond the Stormy Daniels saga, Avenatti has been attempting to push the incredible and bizarre accusations made against Brett Kavanaugh that were made by Julie Swetnick…a woman with a history of litigious windfall.

His incessant work to further Swetnick’s allegations has even garnered a response from Capitol Hill, but it’s not likely the answer that Avenatti was looking for.

The chief counsel for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) shut down TV Resistance lawyer Michael Avenatti on Tuesday, after Avenatti — who is representing Julie Swetnick — asked him to “please respond to our requests.”

“Stop playing games,” Avenatti wrote in an email to the chief counsel Mike Davis, according to reports. “If you are the Chief Counsel, then you need to do your job. Please respond to our requests.”

Davis responded: “We have already reviewed your client’s allegations. We focus on credible allegations. Please stop emailing me. Thank you.”

Short.  Succinct.  Stern.  I like Davis’ style.

We will undoubtedly hear from Avenatti on the subject this evening, strutting about the mainstream media primetime in an act of self-promotion not unlike what we’ve seen from one of his other clients on her Make American Horny Again tour.


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