2nd Amendment

MI Health Services in Hot Water Over Gun Rights Denial in Custody Case

The portion of the 2nd Amendment that reads “shall not be infringed” is one of the most simple, yet somehow misunderstood, portions of our Bill of Rights.

It’s simple, really:  It’s illegal for the government to restrict our right to bear arms.  Certainly, that’s easier said than done, given the dirty democrats’ underhanded attempts at vilifying gun owners, and regional politics in locales such as Chicago and New York City working to stymy the amendment.  Now, a much smaller government agency in Michigan is taking up the dirty work during a custody battle, unfortunately melding a heated national discussion with a heartbreaking familial situation.

“A lawsuit filed in federal court on Monday alleges the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) violated the gun rights of foster parents.

“Caseworkers from MDHHS and a county judge told William Johnson of Ontonagon, Mich., that he had to choose between his Second Amendment rights and fostering his grandson, according to a complaint filed with the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan. The 54-year-old Johnson is a retired, disabled Marine with a Michigan Concealed Pistol License. He and his wife were asked by the state of Michigan to foster their grandson. According to Johnson’s suit, however, the issues began as soon as he arrived at MDHHS to pick up the child.

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“Johnson said he was searched for a firearm and, although he was not carrying a gun, officials demanded to see his concealed carry license. He was then told he would need to give MDHHS the serial numbers of all of his firearms, including rifles and shotguns, and register them with the agency. After questioning why he would have to register his firearms in order to foster his grandson, Johnson said he was told by one caseworker, ‘if you want to care for your grandson you will have to give up some of your constitutional rights.’ When he objected, he was told there would not be a ‘power struggle’ and MDHHS ‘would just take his grandson and place him in a foster home’ if he didn’t comply with their requests.”

A second hearing in front of a judge yielded a similar response from the supposedly unbiased judiciary, complete with the claim about losing constitutional rights in order to foster the child.

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Michigan’s despicable belief that their own governmental agency is above and beyond the law of the land is unacceptable.  The 2nd Amendment has long been abused by liberal lawmakers throughout our nation’s history, and there is a valid argument that the intent of the original language has already been neutered by these leftist vermin.  To now find abuses of power aimed at eradicating our right to own firearms at the human services level of government is truly disturbing.

We can only pray that the Johnsons are soon able to raise their grandson in a manner that best suits him, regardless of what Michigan liberals believe.



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