Mexico Takes Huge Step Against Cartels, Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Mexico’s long and violent history with monstrous drug cartels and illicit narcotics smuggling took a huge hit this week, as the nation announced a massive change to their marijuana laws.

The government of Mexico has long has an unsolvable problem on their hands, as it pertains to their drug cartels.  These illegal organizations are wielding unfathomable power within the nation, employing barbaric violence in order to establish their dominance of the people, police, and government.  Bodies are lining the streets in the border towns of our southerly neighbor, all thanks to the power and greed that comes with a war on drugs that the government cannot possibly prevail within.

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Now, a new approach has been levied against these horrific hombres in the form of sweeping legislative revolution as it pertains to the world’s most popular, yet currently illegal drug:  Marijuana.

“Despite ongoing drug violence in Mexico, the country has legalized the use of medical marijuana for medicinal and research use.

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“In April, Mexico’s Lower House of Congress overwhelming passed the bill, and on Monday President Enirque Peña Nieto issued a decree confirming the legalization of cannabis.

“According to the decree, the Ministry of Health will be in charge of implementing the regulations.

“The law will stop ‘criminalizing consumption’ and also authorize the use of medicines made from a base of marijuana and/or its active ingredients, the Guardian reported in April.

Marijuana’s legal status has been undergoing common sense change in nearly all first world countries, thanks to open-minded research on the effects of the useful plant.

In America, several states have declared that weed will not only be legal to possess and use medicinally, but also recreationally, citing the relative safety of using the drug as opposed to other forms of inebriation recreation.  Given the plant’s complete lack of addictive compounds, and its ability to replace other, more dangerous prescription drugs, well over half of the states in the America have some form of decriminalized ganja.

By making marijuana medically available throughout Mexico, the beastly cartels will be forced to take a step back and reevaluate their business model.  With legal pot set to invade cartel-cornered drug markets, the violent and lawless groups will likely take a nasty dive in terms of reach and revenue – something that will affect Americans as well, given the violence that border states such as Texas have endured at the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

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