Mexican Uprising: Trump Drives Left Insane

If you want to find the Donald Trump campaign event in California, just look for the raft of leftist bodies floating in the ocean at the foot of a cliff, because The Donald has driven the Left over the edge.

From Orange County to the Republican Convention in Burlingame, Trump is being met with protests that are reminiscent of nursery school tantrums more than anything else. From throwing eggs to beating up Trump supporters, to jumping up and down on top of police cars, the Left has come out in force this weekend to tell U.S. voters that no way, no how will the adults be allowed to make any decisions in this election.

All manner of socialist-inspired organizations from La Raza to the Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance turned out to protest Trump, vomiting their social justice warriors into the streets, even forcing Trump at one point to hop a fence to get around a human chain and get to his own event.

A screen grab from Drudge Report showing a child protester.
A screen grab from Drudge Report showing a child protester with a sign that says “Make America Mexico Again.”
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While every radical left-wing issue was represented, hands down the most prevalent group was the loony pro-illegal immigration crowd, flying their Mexican flags, cursing white people and demanding that Mexicans “take back” California.

In one wire photo making the rounds, a young child is shown holding a sign that says “Make America Mexico Again.”

Then there was the chump dressed as “Captain Mexico” (instead of Captain America), not to mention countless signs calling Trump a Nazi or the devil (suck it up, Satanists).

Combining a Trump appearance with this weekend’s annual May Day communist stupidity in California is a little like mixing nitroglycerin with gunpowder, so police remain on alert.

It’s pretty clear from the intensity of the demonstrations that the SJW crowd has completely snapped. Anti-psychotic drugs all around should be the order of the day.

While this may seem like typical behavior for unhinged leftists, it’s not normal for the regular people who are being swept up by anti-Trump fever, even in California. Make no mistake, this whirlwind of chaos and bull is manufactured.

The only real question is exactly who’s paying to bus in the perpetually offended and offensive en masse. Some people have pinned it on the Hillary Clinton campaign. Clinton backer George Soros is always a prime suspect, as his Open Society Foundations have a penchant for funding people who wind up being at the center of groups like Black Lives Matter and various socialist organizations.

The current anti-Trump insanity isn’t confined to street protesters, of course. Strings are being pulled at some very high levels in political and media organizations. The Left and the Republican establishment (which honestly is also the Left) are deathly afraid of someone upsetting the apple cart, as they used to say.

For example, just the other day, the Mirror reported on a lawsuit, filed in California, claiming that Trump had raped a 13-year-old at a sex party given by one of his billionaire friends. In all seriousness, the Mirror boasted that the lawsuit threatened to derail the Trump campaign.

As reported in the Daily Mail, however, the lawsuit is apparently a hoax. The contact information for the plaintiff appears false, and the alleged victim doesn’t seem to exist. However, someone put some thought into the hoax, as the suit appears to have been written by a person with legal knowledge. The filer of the suit was unknown, as California allows anyone to file a lawsuit without being a lawyer or a plaintiff. Also, there was a waiver of the filing fee, meaning there was no money trail to whomever filed.

Although it’s not been publicly acknowledged or proven yet, the hidden irony in all this may turn out to be that representatives of the Left were the ones who put Trump up to the notion of running for president with the idea of helping Clinton, only to find they had started a boulder rolling downhill. Hence the current state of utter panic.

It’s been said by many people that liberalism is a mental illness. Nowhere is that more evident this week than in California, where the inmates are trying to run the asylum.




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