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Mexican Drug Cartels Going High Tech in TERRIFYING New Ways

Americans living on or near the Mexican border have long existed in a state of perpetual fear as drug cartels run amok mere meters away.

These horrifically violent groups have committed to the gruesome and the grotesque in order to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, and to terrorize the innocent civilians who are being forced to coexist with these monstrous narcotic mavens.  Bodies strung up from public highway signs, mass graves, and all out war between the drug runners and the police have plagued the normally serene desert near the Texas border for decades with no end in sight.

Now, as the U.S. begins preparations for a border wall to separate Americans from these devilish denizens of the drug underworld, the cartels are going high-tech in an effort to thwart their would-be captors and destroy their enemies.  Their latest technological advancement has left a great many onlookers truly spooked.

“Mexican police discovered four men carting a kamikaze drone equipped with an IED and a remote detonator last week, in what analysts say is an example of cartels figuring out how to weaponizing UAVs.

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“The disturbing development is a manifestation of something top American security chiefs warned Congress about earlier this year, when they said they feared terrorists would begin to use drones to attack targets within the U.S.

“Drug cartels had already been turning to drones to smuggle their product into the U.S., and had begun using IEDs in their turf struggles — but now at least cartel appears to have put the two technologies together, according to Mexican reports analyzed by Small Wars Journal.

 “’A weaponized drone/unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)/unmanned aerial system (UAS) with a remotely detonated IED allows for a precision strike to take place against an intended target,’ Robert Bunker and John P. Sullivan, the authors of the new analysis, wrote.”
The drone discovered by authorities cost a meager $250 to attain; pocket change for even the lowest member of these gargantuan Mexican cartels.
As these drug-slinging hombres continue to blur the line between narcotics trafficking and terrorism, the United States will be forced to continually improve our safeguards against such violence.  Furthermore, as American states continue their push toward wholesale legalization of marijuana, the Mexican cartels have grown desperate due to that particular lack of income, and are now relying heavily on the sale of opiates such as heroin to remain profitable.
Thanks to the Big Pharmaceutical fat cats lobbying Washington, these nefarious narcotics rings will have plenty of customers for decades to come as Americans are continually prescribed opiate-based painkillers en masse.  As their prescriptions run out, these U.S. citizens will be forced to turn to heroin to get their fix, thus benefiting the cartels and financing their drone war program.

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