Mexican Cartels Turning to Terror Tactics in Narco Wars

As the Mexican drug cartels face mounting pressures, their ruthless tactics have become ever more horrendous than previously imagined.

Mexico was once a vibrant and economically powerful supplier of narcotics to the United States, with their empire perched upon a throne of illegal marijuana that was smuggled into the country.  Now, as America continues to move toward wholesale marijuana legalization, Mexican drug cartels have been struggling to replace that revenue stream with other lucrative intoxicants, not the least of which has been heroin – a drug that is finding favor with prescription opioid abusers looking for a cheap replacement when their doctors dry up.

This dynamic shift in products and profit has not come cheap for the Mexican cartels, who have been forced to escalate their already absurd levels of violence in order to stake claim to their share of the narcotics biz.  Now, with this newfound pressure, the drug pushers are turning to terrorist tactics to enforce their own brand of law.

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“Mexican intelligence services are sounding the alarm about one of Mexico’s most violent cartels turning to the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as part of their terrorist-style tactics.

“A leaked report from Mexico’s intelligence service CISEN revealed the ruthless Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) has turned to the recruitment of former terrorists from Colombia and their use of explosives and tactics, Mexico’s Excelsior reported. The terrorist turned cartel mercenaries come from the far left terrorist organization once known as Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC. Since FARC and the Colombian government reached a cease fire, former guerrilla fighters made their way to Mexico and turned into cartel mercenaries where criminal organizations are actively seeking trained enforcers.

“The intelligence report warns Mexican military and law enforcement forces to change their tactics when dealing with the CJNG to counter the terrorist tactics used by the FARC. One of the tactics that CISEN warns about in particular is the use of a particular type of improvised explosive device or IED commonly called a potato or ‘papa’ for their unique shape.”

This is a terrifying new development for the border patrol agents who encounter these evildoers on a daily basis.

The ruthless nature of these cartels is only growing more vile as multiple pressures mount.  Not only does the legalization of marijuana in America threaten an important revenue stream for these hardened narco pushers, but President Trump’s immigration initiatives are also putting a damper on the drug dealers’ ability to freely enter the United States.

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