Mexican Cartels Schock Resort Town with Unfathomable Violence


For years, the Mexican drug cartels have been the scourge of our southern neighbor, with ever-increasing power and violence continuing to flow into their greedy hands.

These same cartels have been banking on the United States’ drug epidemics as a way to stay afloat, with drugs and money crossing the border at a seriously alarming rate.  While most of the cartel’s mythical violence taking place in small towns with corruptible police forces, there appears to be a new strain on the gangs, causing them to show up in some of the friendlier locales in Mexico in recent weeks.

A tragic event in Acapulco demonstrates just how far the cartels have migrated into the Mexican mainstream.

“A team of cartel gunmen began to fire indiscriminately into a crowd of tourists — killing two and injuring at least six others — in Mexico’s resort town of Acapulco. A young girl shot multiple times by the cartel gunmen died at a local hospital.

“The attack took place Saturday night in the La Reyna park in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico’s Proceso reported. During the attack, the gunmen fired into a crowd killing a young man and injuring seven others. Soon after, a young girl shot by the assailants died at a local hospital.

 “According to Proceso, earlier in the day, gunmen torched multiple bars and a home in Ixtapa, another of Guerrero’s famed tourists’ destinations. The raging violence in Guerrero comes after government officials stepped up their military and police in preparation for Easter Week festivities. In Mexico, students do not get a Spring Break; however, most schools and businesses closed for the religious holiday of Easter.”
In the United States, the cartels are losing much ground due to the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in as many as 30 states.  This newfound ease of which weed can be procured has made the Mexican ganja nearly obsolete, cutting deep into the pockets of the ruthless cartels.
Turning to harder drugs, the cartels are now preying on Americans with opioid addictions who can no longer afford their prescription habits.  Mexican heroine is much cheaper than the doctor-provided pills that seem to be an ever-present piece of the American drug puzzle, providing a similar high to fentanyl, oxycontin, and others.  Unfortunately, the Mexican substitute is also far more dangerous, and its purchase immediately contributes to the sort of violence that we have seen in Acapulco.

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