Mexican Cartel Violence Strikes Again, This Time Far Too Close to Home

While the whiny and pedantic left continues to coddle the violent element south of the border, the rest of America has said enough.

The election of 2016 was extremely telling regarding this subject.  Not only did the entire nation reject the democratic idea of open borders, but they also turned against those displaying anything less than an absolute understanding of the rule of law as it regards illegal immigration.

Americans have spoken, and their message is extremely clear:  We demand that our nation be protected by a border wall.

It’s not only the worry of illegal immigrants coming to our country and creating chaos within our economy and tax system that has our nation prepared to isolate ourselves from Mexico.  There is a literal war occurring south of the border, as drug cartels square off with authorities in an ever-increasing melee of high level crime and gruesome gang violence.  This element from the darkest corners of Mexico is of grave concern to American border states, as evidenced by the latest news out of Reynosa – just miles from the United States.

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“Three cartel gunmen and one Mexican soldier died in a fierce clash near the Texas/Mexico border. The gunmen were in the process of kidnapping one individual when the shootout began.

“The shootout took place during a military convoy’s patrol in the Rincon de Las Flores neighborhood. The patrol began taking fire from cartel gunmen. The military forces fought off the attack and killed three Gulf Cartel gunmen. During the attack, one of the rounds struck a Mexican soldier who was rushed to a local hospital where he later died.

“Inside one of the vehicles used by the cartel gunmen, authorities rescued an individual who had just been kidnapped. Inside that vehicle authorities found four AK-47’s, a shotgun, two handguns, a grenade, and other tactical equipment.”

By all accounts, this is one of the tamer incidents of cartel violence on the border in recent years.

These ruthless drug gangs are famous for their sadistic practices and merciless violence.  For years, these cartels have roamed the Mexican countryside, murdering policemen, innocent men, women, and children, and rival gang members, often stringing their bodies up in public places for all to gaze upon.

Their drug trade relies heavily on trafficking narcotics into the United States – something that is far too simple under our current border patrol system.  Should President Donald Trump continue to be stymied by the democrats and turncoat republicans in congress, a great many Americans will soon find themselves in the line of fire of these dangerous organizations.

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