#MeToo Movement Lampooned By New Accusations Forming From Regret

Without a doubt one of the most important societal stories in modern day America, the #MeToo movement could find the wind swiftly being removed from its sails.

The idea of the #MeToo movement was to spread an awareness of just how many women have endured some form of sexual abuse, sexual assault, or sexual harassment.  At the height of the movement, with Twitter and Facebook brimming with heart wrenching stories from nearly all of the females in your feed, the movement was able to take down one of the most notorious sexual predators in the nation with Harvey Weinstein.

The Hollywood mogul and producer had been such a rampant pig that his contract with his studio had sexual misconduct penalties written into it to make sure that Weinstein knew what court fees and settlements would likely cost.

Luckily, the #MeToo movement, combined with the American conservative awakening, has brought a new mutation of chivalry to the societal structure, in which the world as a whole looks upon these monsters as monsters, rather than simply allowing money and power to remove the issue.  Knowledge is currency, and the internet has made that currency quite easy to exchange.

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Now, like all things stemming from a traditional cultural attitude, the left is about to ruin it.

Actor and liberal comedian Aziz Ansari is the latest target of #MeToo rage, but his story is much, much different in that his accuser openly admitted that consensual sex had occurred on a date that was considered “romantic” at the onset by both parties involved.  After Aziz’s repeated advances, and the consensual act that followed, this young woman regretted not leaving Ansari’s apartment at the first sign of seduction and has “outed” the comic for the ensuing tryst.

“The Ansari case could well mark the unofficial end of the #MeToo movement. Other than his celebrity, it doesn’t fit with the other accusations.

“So many of the well-known #MeToo stories centered on power dynamics. Matt Lauer allegedly assaulting his underlings. Weinstein blocking the careers of actresses who turned him down. But no such power dynamic existed in this situation. Grace was not hanging out with Ansari for a career opportunity. Their date was understood to be romantic by both of them. If we’ve reached a point where #MeToo will include regrettable hook-ups the whole movement is diluted and actual sexual assault stories minimized.

“Ansari issued a statement on Sunday night underlining that all that had occurred between himself and Grace had been entirely consensual and made sure to note that he ‘continues to support the movement happening in our culture.’ Ansari seems not to realize that he’s no longer in that movement but on the outside of it, its latest target. The consent is beside the point now.”

Should Aziz Ansari be the downfall of #MeToo’s credibility, it will be a strange twist of fate for the comedian who is known for this quirky standup bits regarding how awful he is at attempting to court women.


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