#MeToo Movement Finally Puts A Pervert in Handcuffs

As with all social movements that start, in earnest, from the conservative end of the spectrum, the liberal left just can’t leave well enough alone.

Such is the case with the #MeToo movement, which was undeniably born from the conservative principles of equality, (as defined in the Constitution that liberals so often attempt to destroy), and from the ancient, persistent reality of chivalry.

The liberal left simply adopted the movement as soon as it say an opportunity to exploit the emotions of the nation.

Now, some months after the first of the salacious and disturbing pieces of evidence have come to light, we are finally seeing some actual justice being doled out…not just the “social” variety…as Harvey Weinstein finds himself in handcuffs.

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And, as if to prove what a perverse and irreconcilable monster he is, Weinstein showed no signs of remorse for his actions.

Harvey Weinstein was all smiles as he was charged with multiple counts of rape in a New York courtroom on Friday.

The 66-year-old disgraced movie mogul was arrested, processed and booked for the alleged sexual assault of two women shortly after 7:30am, arriving alone in a chauffeured SUV before being taken in to the station by two members of the special victims unit – Detective Nicholas DiGuadio and Sergeant Keri Thompson.

He then headed off with his hands cuffed – in three linked handcuffs on account of his girth – to criminal court, where he was paraded around in front of spectators and looked to be in a daze, exclaiming at one point: ‘Wow.’

Weinstein’s attorney Benjamin Brafman met him in court, holding his client’s passport for all to see before surrendering it to the judge as part of his bail.

He also handed over a cashier’s check to cover the $1 million cash bond before leaving the court, with Weinstein heading off alone to be fitted for his

Weinstein, an avowed democratic kingmaker with heavy ties to the Clintons and Obamas, stands accused of nearly 90 instances of sexual abuse ranging from the aforementioned rape charges, down to a bevy of unwarranted advances and attempts to use his Tinseltown clout to gain romantic advantage over several young starlets.

The first inclination of trouble for Weinstein kicked off a massive movement in America, with well over 100 figures from popular culture being rounded up in the purge of perverts.

Not surprisingly, a vast majority of these cretinous kooks hailed from the far left, possibly due to their ability to hide behind their virtue-signaling camouflage in order to mask their culpability.

While Harvey may be the first to find handcuffs, we still aren’t convinced that he’ll face true justice given his massive wealth.  Passport or no, there is little doubt that Weinstein could jet off to some non-extraditing country and live out his final days in luxury a la Roman Polanski.


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