Is Merkel Taking A U-Turn to Get Re-Elected?

It is just human nature for people to want to be accepted. We all want to be liked and appreciated. But there is a difference in this and political pandering. When a political leader only wants to look contrite to gain or recapture a group of people.

It seems that Angela Merkel has fallen into this kind of pandering. She has been the leading voice for open borders and the welcoming of migrants into Germany and the EU. It was her very policy that has led to the crisis and the rise in Islamic violence in Europe. And now she wants to retain her position of power.

Breitbart reports

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced she believes the full Islamic face veil or “burqa” has no place in her country and should be banned. Critics have pointed to her announcement, made at the Christian Democratic Party conference, as an attempt to shore up her conservative base after announcing she would seek another term as German leader.

Having presided over the open border policies leading to Europe’s migrant crisis, the Cologne mass sexual assault scandal, a surge in migrant criminality and more, Mrs. Merkel appears to have had a swift change of heart and has called for a burqa ban “where legally possible”.

Now this does not sound like the social democrat that wants her country to welcome as many migrants as possible. The one that chided other leaders for closing their Southern borders is now wanting to force the Muslim to give up his ways?

Why would she make such a change? Well, it is simple, she wants the votes of the Christian Conservatives in her party.

Breitbart continues

Emphasizing the importance of integration of the hundreds of thousands of new arrivals to Germany over the past months and the primacy of German law over “tribal rules” and Sharia codes, the Chancellor also supported a Burqa ban.

For Germans, integration means to “show your face”, she said, adding the “full face veil is not acceptable in our country” and that she believed there should be a ban “where legally possible”, reports Die Welt.

Who is buying this?

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