Merkel Retreats by Launching Hail Mary Pass on Burqas

The nursery rhyme Humpty-Dumpty personifies an egg who sat on a wall and continually flirted with danger. Eventually, Humpty-Dumpty fell off the wall and could not be put back together.

Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, appears to have shattered her fragile political career by allowing millions of Muslim refugees to enter her country unchecked. Merkel announced to her party that she will now ban the burqa precluding her bid for re-election. Like all politicians who are experiencing angst on the cusps of a re-election, Merkel is trying to save her political shell in hopes to secure the base of her Christian Democratic Union party. Merkel has thrown a hail Mary pass in a desperate attempt to stay on the political wall.

Merkel faces a stiff challenge on the right from her opponent who is anti-immigration. Merkel made the announcement that she would like to ban burqas in schools, courts, and other state buildings. The prohibition would focus on banning full-face veils “wherever it is legally possible”. Other powerful European countries, such as France and the Netherlands, are also continuing the banning of burqas in the midst of terror and serious crimes committed by refugees. However, this is a symptom of a much larger paradigm shift on globalism.

As shown with the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump, a world-wide shift to the right of the political spectrum renounces the toxic globalist agenda. Globalism, collectivism, and multiculturalism are being rejected – mainly for economic and safety reasons. In France, there is a run-off election. The conservative candidate, François Fillon, is expected to defeat her globalist opponent according to a new poll. In the Netherlands, polls suggest that right-wing populist party is neck and neck with the left-wing opposition. Political voices within Italy are calling for an exit from the European Union. The policies of the globalist are no longer a viable solution to economic prosperity.

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Merkel’s wake-up call is forcing her to move to those issues the German people want her to correct. The people of Germany know that globalism is not working. Globalism has caused a tremendous amount of wealth distribution from more developed countries to less developed countries. Furthermore, the taxation within the global collective mindset places more burden on to the individual citizens who have not been able to thrive under such redistributionist policies. Globalism encourages the erasing of political and cultural identity.

By allowing a tremendous number of Muslim refugees into Germany, Merkel has set up a huge tsunami creating a race to the bottom within the European Union. Merkel’s days are numbered and her decisions to embrace toxic globalism is her great fall. Such events have destabilized Merkel’s political position, and she very well may be defeated following the trends with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. When Merkel is defeated, all the countries of the European Union will begin to break apart – the cost of globalism is high. As George Orwell use to say: So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.

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