Mental Handicap Slur Used to Describe Libertarians at Duke University

For some reason, the same democrats who love to point fingers and scream “bigot” at the top of their lungs are extremely careless when it comes to offending their fellow Americans.

The First Amendment has long been under attack in America, with the left pursuing a campaign of addendum to the all-too-important right.  What these liberals wish is for the First Amendment to only apply to ideas that are safe and unoffensive.  The moment that you push the bounds of someone else’s emotions, the left believes that your right to free speech should be culled.

For those with more than a few wrinkles in the old grey matter, it doesn’t take long to see where this sort of thing is headed:  Fascism.

The left’s incessant need to control the language of our nation is simply the sort of oppression that tyrants have used for time immemorial.  Owning the narrative is power, and only due to the restrictive and inexcusable effects that will be suffered by the free people under their thumb.

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It is this false sense of linguistic authority that allows for some of these progressive pinheads to completely decide what is and isn’t appropriate when it comes to defaming their political rivals.  Such is the case at Duke University, where on professor decided that she would use a slur against the mentally ill in order to disparage the Libertarian Party.

“A Duke University professor said the ‘architects’ of libertarianism ‘seem to be on the autism spectrum’ because they ‘don’t feel solidarity or empathy with others’ and sometimes have relationship troubles.

“Nancy MacLean — a history professor and author of ‘Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America‘ — made her comments during a Thursday lecture about her 2017 book’s thesis at All Souls Unitarian Universalist church in New York City, Campus Reform said.

“During a Question & Answer session, an audience member asked about Nobel Prize-winning economist James Buchanan — who helped give birth to libertarianism, MacLean has argued — and where his ‘motivations’ originated from and if ‘personal greed’ or ‘malevolence’ influenced them.”

First, let us all recognize that the only options being provided were personal greed or malevolence.

Outside of her mental illness slur, MacLean had plenty more snark to go around.

“Prior to her ‘autism spectrum’ remark, MacLean tore into libertarianism, saying ‘social Darwinism … drives the whole thing’ and ‘there’s always a slide from libertariansim into the “alt-right.”‘ She added that libertarians believe capitalism is ‘absolutely wonderful, without flaws’ — save for government involvement in it.

“’Then they have to explain why some people have poverty over generations … are not able to lift themselves up out of their circumstances in the way the libertarians prescribe, and so they slide off into the kind of racist thought that we associate with the “alt-right,”‘ MacLean added.”

This inexcusable attack on Constitutional thought is precisely the reason why the democrats are losing their war for America’s millennial generation.

Young Americans, who have yet to be burdened by the sheer force of growing up, are still hopeful that they can flip the table and resent the game.  Libertarianism, due to its sustained rise in popularity, has offered these budding patriots a chance at getting a grip on American politics within their lifetimes, and doubters such as MacLean are simply clinging to their last dying democratic breath.

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