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Melania’s Hand Slap “Controversy” No Controversy At All, Liberals Ignorant of Truth

The mainstream media has transformed in recent years, and discovered an uncanny new ability to create a “story” out of thin air.

Some media watchers like to use the term “fake news” to describe what the mainstream media is doing when they fabricate something to entice their viewers, but, in reality, it’s much more sinister than the hard spin of this moniker.  The media is truly hoping to influence you with half truths, speculation, and leading questions, as opposed to truly stating and reporting the facts of these matters.

One such ridiculous narrative that the leftist media has been attempting to manipulate us into believing is that there is a massive marital malfeasance occurring between the Commander in Chief and the First Lady.

Their first attempt at planting the seed of matrimonial maladies came when it was announced that First Lady Melania Trump wouldn’t be spending all of her time at The White House, instead, splitting her time between the nation’s capital and Trump Tower in New York City.  The left and their media lapdogs used this as a springboard to launch a number of asinine theories regarding the marital bliss, or lack thereof, between the President and his wife.  In reality, the decision Melania made to sacrifice time with her husband for time in New York was a result of her child Barron’s schooling situation.

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Now, a tiny hand gesture made by the First Lady during her and President Trump’s recent trip to Israel has the liberal world up in arms again.  And, again, the mainstream media has taken the entire situation out of context for the purpose of distorting reality.

“One of the left’s favorite narratives to push about the Trumps is that there’s ‘deep marital problems’ going on behind the scenes, as many liberal ‘body language experts’ have come out in recent months with their ‘expert analysis’ of Trump and Melania’s relationship, asserting that their marriage is on the rocks, or that their marriage is just one of a convenience. So liberals were quick to scrutinize what Melania did on the tarmac in Israel shortly after the couple disembarked from the plane, where they pointed out that Melania ‘slapped away President Trump’s hand’ as he appeared to reach back to hold her hand.

“But leave it to the fact-checking geniuses on the left to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon before actually researching what the local customs are in Israel, which would’ve saved them quite a lot of embarrassment. Donald Trump News pointed out that according to Israeli culture, it is ‘deemed impolite holding hands in public or PDA, the acceptable thing is going side by side.’ So basically, Melania was just being a good wife and helping preserve a positive image of her husband, as she was quick to brush away his hand as a way to adhere and respect the local customs of the host country they were visiting.

“Despite the constant insults that the left tries and throw at her, Melania has been nothing but the epitome of grace and class ever since taking on her role as America’s first lady. Her keen eye and attention to detail has saved President Trump from liberal media scrutiny in the past, when she kindly nudged her husband’s hand during the White House Easter Egg Roll when he got distracted and forgot to place his hand over his heart. She’s simply doing what any good wife would do, which of course liberals have to twist and contort in order for it to fit their Trump-hating agenda.”

Once again, we are struck by the power and grace of the First Lady, who certainly carries a worldly air about her.  While Donald Trump is no slouch himself, there are certain touches that only a woman of Melania’s poise can be attuned to, and that is a great boon to the President.


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