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Melania’s Footwear Gets No Reprieve From Pedantic Progressive Pundits

As if there weren’t any number of more important events to report on in the world today, the liberal America media has returned to their pathetic jabs at First Lady Melania Trump.

Late last week, a story emerged in which a progressive elementary school librarian, who was clearly indoctrinated into the “resistance” of the left, rejected a gift to her school from the First Lady.  While hundreds of other schools had no issue with the donated books, this particular academic cited Melania’s choices as inherently “racist” with “no place” for them in her school.

These were Dr. Suess books.

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Now, as the President and his wife travel to Puerto Rico to take in the sight and sounds of the recovery effort and add their own help in recovery, the liberal “resistance” is at it again, this time taking the opportunity to lambast Melania’s footwear on her way to San Juan.

Sadly, this is not the first time that the mainstream media has obsessed over the First Lady’s footwear choices.

“Left-wing activists and bloggers are –yet again- attacking First Lady Melania Trump over her footwear; shamelessly slamming the President’s wife for wearing work boots as she traveled to Puerto Rico to witness recovery efforts on the devastated island.

“The First Lady and President Trump departed the White House on Tuesday, visiting the hurricane ravaged US-territory to aid in recovery efforts. As images of the First Family appeared on social media, left-wing activists couldn’t help but comment on Melania’s choice of footwear.

“’Lol Melania is wearing white jeans and Timbs in Puerto Rico,’ wrote one user.

“’Melania Trump wearing Timberland boots as if she’s going to go work in Puerto Rico,’ posted another.”

During recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey, liberal lunatics lambasted the First Lady for her choice to wear high heels while boarding Air Force One en route to Houston.  By the time that plane had landed in Texas, Melania was wearing Adidas sneakers, and was prepared for visiting the storm-ravaged communities surrounding Houston.

Few liberal “journalists” remained objective enough to correct their stories once the President’s wife

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