Megyn Kelly’s Takedown of ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda is Epic and Glorious

I know that Megyn Kelly, formerly of Fox News and now of NBC, is no longer the popular figure among conservatives that she once was.

Her campaign 2016 run-ins with then candidate, now President Trump, are still fresh in the minds of many conservatives.

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However, I think it would be a mistake to forget how Kelly became so popular on the right, or the fact that for years she was the most important news anchor for conservative America.

On Monday’s episode of her new NBC show, Megyn Kelly was back in form reminding us of why she was so important for so long.

Several months ago she had a disastrous interview with Jane Fonda, that led to Kelly being mocked in the liberal media and to Fonda spending the next few months complaining about Megyn Kelly.

For several months Kelly simply held her tongue and said nothing, because she believed that it did not matter what others thought of her. However, this past week “Hanoi” Jane was at it again criticizing Megyn Kelly in most of her media stops, including on Kelly’s own network, NBC. It was a ‘last straw’ for Kelly, who decided to speak out against Fonda’s tired “poor me” act and set the record straight.

Kelly doesn’t just prove that Fonda has no reason to be upset with their interview, she goes further and decimates Fonda for arguing that Kelly should have shown better “judgment” in the kinds of questions she chose to ask.

It’s an epic takedown and if Megyn Kelly decides to show this kind of spunk, energy, and fearlessness moving forward… her show will become a big hit for NBC.

Watch Kelly work:

The internet LOVED Kelly’s assault on Fonda.

Onan Coca

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