Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly’s Move to NBC Only Helps Fox

There’s been lots of drama at Fox involving Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly was supposed to be the chosen one who would bring fairness and balance to the Force at Fox News. They added her to the top tier of pundits to battle Trump during the debates.  Many believed she would be putting Sean Hannity in his place at Fox News during the coveted evening time slot.  Megyn Kelly went out of her way to sing the Establishment praises by mocking those who led the effort to defund Obamacare and causing a government shutdown. She paid homage to precious bushies and Bush lackeys like Karl Rove and Dana Parino. Kelly was a big fan of gay marriage and bowing to the Rainbow Jihad. She was a vocal feminist and shot down any anti feminist sentiment.

Truth is Kelly was just another run of the mill pundit in a skirt.

Kelly was placed on Fox News as a political decision. There’s no doubt she’s a smart lawyer but she really doesn’t stand out as her own person with her own set of beliefs and convictions. Every night on her show it’s basically the run-of-the-mill food fight we see on a nightly basis on cable news.  Megyn Kelly is basically Greta Van Susteren, only prettier. We have seen the many well-founded accusations of sexual harassment at Fox News from Megyn Kelly and dozens of other women on Fox News. It’s given us a very eye opening revelation that Fox News is a cesspool. The more reason to believe Kelly was a choice based on politics not on talent.

The biggest sign that Kelly has always been irrelevant is Tucker Carlson’s amazing performance.

Have you seen Tucker Carlson lately? His interviews with noted liberals is amazing. You see with Tucker Carlson a real talent and experienced debater and interviewer. It’s these types of skills that have been sorely missing from both Greta and Megyn Kelly.  The truth is, NBC is a huge step down for Megyn Kelly regardless of her primetime spot.  She will crash and burn greater then Katie Couric crashed and burned. Megyn Kelly will soon be forgotten and Fox News will continue on its current upward trajectory.

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