Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain Gets In Stormy Daniels’ Face On LIVE TV!

The saga surrounding Stormy Daniels has gone on far too long for many Americans’ liking, and women such as Meghan McCain aren’t going to put up with it anymore.

Daniels, an adult film star and exotic dancer on the inevitable downswing of her career, recently began publicizing an affair that she claims to have had with Donald Trump.  Daniels alleges that Trump forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding the rendezvous, but that the future President never signed his copy, thus allowing her to speak openly about the tryst.

This has created a massive windfall for Stormy Daniels’ traveling stripper show, bringing the over-the-hill pornstar back to the A-list.  It is this fact that has many of us calling shenanigans on Stormy’s whole schtick, seeing this as nothing more than a poorly executed publicity stunt.

Enter the fiercely honest Meghan McCain, who told Daniels just that, to her face, on live television.

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“It seems like a publicity stunt on some level. I think yesterday — because you didn’t have anything to do with the case — it seemed a little like you were just trying to get attention. I understand that you’re being sued by our president, but it does seem like you’re benefitting a lot.

“You’ve gone on your Make America Horny Again tour,” McCain continued. “I’m sure you’re making a lot of money — no disrespect. I hadn’t heard your name until all of this had happened and now you’re literally live on The View giving an entire interview with us. So it has been beneficial for your career.”

Daniels said she didn’t name the tour and didn’t like the name. Though not enough to say anything. Or not enough to not collect money from it.

“Yes, there’s a lot of publicity but I didn’t do it for that because this isn’t what I want to be known for.”

Stormy Daniels has certainly been milking this whole thing for all that it’s worth, appearing not only on daytime trash television like The View, but even appearing in a long form interview on 60 Minutes, where some of the more worldly viewers noticed that the actress may have been under the influence of heavy duty narcotics.

Stormy Daniels
I mean. C’mon!

Dinner plate pupils aside, Daniels doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere with this whole narrative, even after releasing a sketch of a man she says was sent by Donald Trump to intimidate her.


I mean, we knew that the President and Tom Brady were fans of one another, but ol’ #12 doesn’t need to go around fighting POTUS’ fights.



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