Medical Professionals Told to Avoid Trigger Words

There are several things that seem to get people worked up this day. You said this and I am that kind of thing is normal. But, the lack of logic behind this thinking is difficult to see. So the news that there are new guidelines for medical associates in Britain is at the same time not choking and yet very revealing.

Fox reports

A prominent association representing medical professionals in Great Britain has asked its staff not to use the term “expectant mother” to avoid offending transgender and intersex patients, leading some critics to slam the organization for being too “politically correct.”

The guidelines, published late last year by the British Medical Association (BMA) in a 14-page booklet titled “A Guide To Effective Communication: Inclusive Language In The Workplace,” asks them to instead use the term “pregnant people.”

Of course, this is not a surprise, as the West is tripping over itself to accommodate the mental condition known as “Gender Dysphoria.” We at every turn are told to throw out thousands of years of norms to make the sufferers feel as if they are normal.

But, when we take a closer look at what this kind of thinking leads to, we can see how utterly inconsistent this thinking must be to be maintained.

Fox continues

“The elderly” should be avoided in favor of “older people,” and “accessible lifts” used instead of “disabled lifts,” the guidelines state, and people who are “biologically male or female” instead should be referred to as “assigned male or female,” the news website ( reported.

If we remember that most of the people writing these guidelines and almost all the people they are trying not to offend do not believe in God, this is absolutely an impossible title. If something is assigned, there has to be an assigner.

Things are not assigned by no one. If they we ponder this long enough, we will wind up asking “Who is on first,” and we know how that ended.

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