Media’s Liberal Slant Causes Record Number of Cable Cutters in Last Quarter

The American media landscape is now, more than ever, a safe haven for liberal ideas and leftist pursuits, as evidenced by cornerstone cable content such as CNN and ESPN.

CNN’s major issue this year has been their unwillingness to simply relay the news to America.  Instead, networks heads have set out on an angry crusade against President Donald Trump, stopping at nothing to lambast, insult, and foment dissent against the Commander in Chief.  This transparent and disturbing tactic has sent an enormous number of CNN’s viewer’s packing, something that the network has countered with even more radical propaganda in an effort to galvanize what pathetic numbers they have left.

ESPN has fallen victim to a similar issue.  Where the network began as a simple, sports-forward option for cable subscribers, their insistence on airing every liberal political whim of star athletes has turned the network into a bit of a leftist rhetoric echo chamber.  Their dismissal of pitching legend Curt Schilling from the commentary staff after he revealed his conservative values was the last straw for many longtime viewers.

While ratings do still matter to these networks, merely refusing to actively watch these networks is not enough to dent their bottom line.  Sure, advertisers will take notice and possibly pull their lucrative funding of the channels, but networks such as ESPN and CNN will still make money off of cable subscribers who never actually watch them.  This has to do with subscriber fees that are paid directly to the networks anytime that a package containing their content is purchased.

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This means that, to effectively boycott CNN and ESPN for their blatant liberalism, Americans would have to cut ties with their cable company altogether…and that is precisely what is happening.

“Media stocks took a big tumble yesterday, including CNN owner Time-Warner (tee hee), after it was announced that cord-cutting hit record numbers last quarter. Satellite and cable television providers lost a net total of 760,000 customers, the worst showing in history. That is a mammoth 2.4% drop. For context, in all of last year, 1.7 million cut the cord. At this rate that number could double in 2017.

“And why wouldn’t it double?

“Cable TV sucks. It is absurdly expensive, every hour you are forced to sit through 20 minutes of butt-numbing commercials, and you have people like me screaming as loudly as possible that…

“It is your patriotic duty to cancel your cable and satellite package. For America, we must put ESPN and CNN forever out of business, and cutting the cord is the only way to do it.

“There is no other way.”

The fight against rampant liberalism is just one arm of the fight against New Fascism.  By cutting cable, and getting your news from reputable Free Press sources, not only can you educate yourself and form opinions of your very own, but you will be helping to mitigate the nonsense that is being hurled at the malleable millennials who will be voting on issues that could affect your health, finances, and social policies.


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